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Interview – The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell

With the musical treadmill of recording, promoting, and touring, it is very rare that any one artist can get out an album every year, even if doing it as a full-time occupation with label support and a whole management structure… Continue Reading →

Pando – Hiraeth (Aesthetic Death)

“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture” . A quote often attributed to Frank Zappa but possibly actually said by someone called Martin Mull. Whoever said it – if anyone did at all is moot. For once it feels… Continue Reading →

Messenger – Threnodies (Inside Out)

This version of Messenger is the London-based progressive rock band. I’ve heard of them but I confess that this is the first time I’d listened to any of their work. What struck me at first was the clean and dreamy… Continue Reading →

Spectral Lore – Gnosis (I Voidhanger)

After last year’s complex and exhilarating ‘III’ the man behind this impressive black metal project has pressed on with a flurry of releases. Unlike many one man black metal bands, where the number of splits and EPs almost feels like… Continue Reading →

The Picturebooks, Stubb, Elephant Tree – Boston Arms Music Room, London – 9/10/15

The Boston Arms Music Room in London plays host to an evening of classic, psychedelic rock inspired bands. Everything that birthed our genre is on display tonight. What’s most impressive is the manner in which it is done. Musicianship, freshness… Continue Reading →

Path Of Samsara – The Fiery Hand (Ván)

German psychedelic rock n roll three piece from Freising, The Path Of Samsara like to keep their cards close to their chest. With a very helpful presser which simply read “Black Magic Rock and Roll from Germany”, the band can… Continue Reading →

Black Space Riders – Refugeeum (Black Space Records)

There is an old adage that goes if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all (dear editor, is that okay?  No!  Oh well.) Here comes the part of this review lark I hate the most, namely being… Continue Reading →

Glowsun – Beyond The Wall Of Time (Napalm)

Hailing from Lille, France, Glowsun are a psychedelic stoner rock trio who are predominantly an instrumental band. Opting to allow the music to be the main focus, the lack of vocals really helps set the trio apart as they sling… Continue Reading →

Sunset in the 12th House – Mozaic (Prophecy)

Chill out music for the metal masses was something I alluded to two weeks ago, almost in jest, when I was reviewing a certain high quality and ethereally inclined funeral doom album. But I was surprised to so quickly come… Continue Reading →

Cave of Swimmers – Reflection (SR)

If you’re going to flop-flop over as many genres as possible in what is basically an extended EP, then this is a study in how high you can aim. Cave of Swimmers have been attracting no small amount of attention,… Continue Reading →

Interview – My Sleeping Karma

“Moksha” is the brilliant new album from My Sleeping Karma, an instrumental quartet from Germany who blend prog, stoner and psychedelic elements into their music to create a truly mind blowing audio landscape which just keeps on giving. After suitably… Continue Reading →

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