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Apophys – Devoratis (Ultimate Massacre Productions)

Dutch technical death metal supergroup Apophys are back once again. For those who aren’t familiar with them, Apophys is composed of members who play/have played in Prostitute Disfigurement, Toxocara and God Dethroned. Having a pedigree behind them in terms of… Continue Reading →

God Dethroned – The World Ablaze (Metal Blade)

Dutch death metal band God Dethroned are a band I remember well from the late 90s and early 00s. I didn’t realise they were still going until I saw this. There is a reason for that, as “The World Ablaze”… Continue Reading →

Brutal Unrest – Trinitas (Hammerheart)

Having been around for over a decade this German band has released a couple of albums before dropping this third album onto this listener who is unfamiliar with the bands previous efforts. An old school approach is favoured as the… Continue Reading →

Embalmer – Emanations from the Crypt (Hells Headbangers)

Classic American Death Metallers Embalmer have released quite the triumphant return to form with their magnificent latest album Emanations from the Crypt. Packed full of furious levels of speed, deep guttural vocals and a harrowing, morbid undertone throughout, it’s an… Continue Reading →

Atrocious Abnormality – Formed in Disgust (Comatose Music)

It’s quite refreshing when a band in any genre bucks the trends set by their peers. With most extreme death metal bands nowadays trying to outdo one another in terms of who can sound more slamtastic than the rest, Atrocious… Continue Reading →

Abhorrent Deformity – Entity Of Malevolence (Comatose Music)

Hailing from North Carolina and forming in 2013, Abhorrent Deformity are the latest of a series of explosive sounding brutal death metal bands who are cropping up and making waves with their relentless and uncompromising approach. Consisting of members who… Continue Reading →

Crepitation – Violence Of The Slams (Amputated Vein)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Crepitation, let me give you a very brief introduction. Featuring members who appear in or have appeared in: Neuroma, Cancerous Womb, Amputated, Disfortune, Kastrated and Scatorgy, Horrific Sexual Atrocity and many more, the… Continue Reading →

Incineration Festival – Camden London 9/5/15

This festival hardly started small but in the space of a year has grown substantially and moved up from The Garage to no less than four venues in the heart of Camden. With 30 bands playing over the course of… Continue Reading →

Spawned From Hate – Accelerated Butchery (S/R)

It’s relatively safe to say that any band heralding from the heavy metal capital of the world (Birmingham obviously), can be approached with an air of sunny optimism. This air of optimism is not wasted on Brutal Death lads Spawned… Continue Reading →

Throes – Disassociation (Naturmacht)

Anil Carrier obviously likes keeping himself rather busy. As if he is not in enough bands at the moment already () the multi-instrumentalist has now gone and hooked up with vocalist Daniel Jones Gillett of The Fever Sea and set… Continue Reading →

Apophys – Prime Incursion (Metal Blade)

If the apocalypse was coming, Apophys would be the soundtrack. Formed in 2012 in The Netherlands and boasting members of renowned Dutch bands including: God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement, Detonation and Toxocara, the well oiled, technically sublime and brutal death metal… Continue Reading →

Killgasm – A Stab in the Heart of Christ (Moribund)

From lovely California comes the equally lovely blackened grindcore of Killgasm. When I picked up “A Stab in the Heart of Christ” and looked at the track titles and band name, I reminded myself for the umpteenth time that I… Continue Reading →

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