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E-L-R – Maenad (Prophecy Productions)

Where are we? Somewhere in nature definitely. To a background of looped tunes, someone is hurrying through dry leaves or high grass, breathing heavily. The person might be running away or just climbing up a hill. But that’s just the… Continue Reading →

Noekk – Waltzing In Obscurity (Prophecy Productions)

Prior to the surprise emergence of a track on a 7” vinyl last year, the last time we heard anything from unique Progressive project Noekk was way back in 2008 with their album “The Minstrel’s Curse”. So why the sudden… Continue Reading →

Disillusion – The Liberation (Prophecy Productions)

Disillusion is one of those anonymous band names where you can’t remember whether you’ve heard anything by them or not. This particular one is from Germany and have been around since 1995 playing progressive metal. “The Liberation” is their first… Continue Reading →

Kayo Dot – Blasphemy (Prophecy Productions)

To quote the band: “Kayo Dot is an avant-goth, progressive experimental doom, abstract electroacoustic black modern compositional metallic band based in Brooklyn NY”. Unsurprisingly I didn’t know what to expect exactly but I knew that Kay Dot’s ninth album “Blasphemy”… Continue Reading →

Crowhurst – III (Prophecy Productions)

Better known for his immersive live solo performances that defy genre, and releases titled ‘Fuck You Morrissey’ and ‘Fuck You Bono’ (just two of the records from his 75 strong back catalogue), Jay Gambit is prolific within the noise scene…. Continue Reading →

Interview – Finnr’s Cane

In 2010, seemingly out of nowhere, an enigmatic Canadian trio by the intriguing name of Finnr’s Cane released a record called ‘Wanderlust’. It was an album redolent with the hues of late autumn, cold, melancholic and reflective yet shot through… Continue Reading →

Les Discrets – Ariettes Oubliées (Prophecy Productions)

And whilst we’re on the subject of ‘not metal’… this is an interesting one. Les Discret’s affecting and pastoral 2010 debut ‘Septembre et Ses Dernières Pensées’ was generally considered to be ‘not metal’, as much by its creators than anyone… Continue Reading →

Farsot Interview

  In 2011, Germany’s farsot. followed up their 2007 release “IIII” with “Insects”, a psychologically disturbing work of Black Metal. To find out about the band’s outlook and music, Andrew Doherty interviewed 10.XIXt, the vocalist. Ave Noctum: Hello there, and… Continue Reading →

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