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Redemption – Live From The Pit DVD/CD (Sensory)

Redemption, formed in 2000, are an LA-based progressive metal band who dabble in combining the melodious sounds of the old 70s bands with the contemporary. There’s plenty of moments here that will have you recalling monsters like Rainbow or Rush,… Continue Reading →

Abnormal Thought Patterns – Manipulation under Anesthesia (Lifeforce)

Ah, there’s a familiar strain here. Is that the technical prog wizardry of the Tipton brothers, they of Zero Hour and Cynthesis? It certainly is. There’s no nonsense here. I don’t have to worry about lyrics complementing or contrasting with… Continue Reading →

Desultor – Masters of Hate (Abyss Records)

Thrash metal is what Sweden’s Desultor are about. It’s clear from listening to “Masters of Hate”, their debut album that they don’t believe in messing about. Non-stop and like a whirlwind, it is also rich in technicality. The spooky, extra-terrestrial… Continue Reading →

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