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Progressive Rock

Bauda – Sporelight (Temple of Torturous)

This is an interesting project from Bauda, a progressive rocker from Chile. In it he collaborates with Rene Rutten of The Gathering. After a dramatic opening, “Vigil” is one of the most transfixing progressive tracks I’ve heard. It has that… Continue Reading →

Interview – My Sleeping Karma

“Moksha” is the brilliant new album from My Sleeping Karma, an instrumental quartet from Germany who blend prog, stoner and psychedelic elements into their music to create a truly mind blowing audio landscape which just keeps on giving. After suitably… Continue Reading →

Minutian – Inwards (Secret Entertainment)

I remember that Minutian’s first album “Repercussions” (2011) was interesting and accomplished. This one is the same. Since the release of “Repercussions”, the band has had to deal with the death of their guitarist, and this undoubtedly comes across in… Continue Reading →

Transmaniacon – The Darkening Plain (New Heavy Sounds)

In case you weren’t already aware, ‘Transmaniacon’ is a track from Blue Oyster Cult. Frankly, a band taking inspiration from these guys is a breath of fresh air in a generation where everyone cites Black Sabbath as their reason for… Continue Reading →

Redemption – Live From The Pit DVD/CD (Sensory)

Redemption, formed in 2000, are an LA-based progressive metal band who dabble in combining the melodious sounds of the old 70s bands with the contemporary. There’s plenty of moments here that will have you recalling monsters like Rainbow or Rush,… Continue Reading →

Hibernal – Replacements (S/R)

Hibernal is quite a unique outfit: a one-man progressive music machine from Brisbane with a serious interest in thought-provoking sci-fi themes. My opening line will probably put off quite a few of those who just want a heavy, rocking album…. Continue Reading →

Need – Orvam: A Song For Home (Trailblazer)

This third full-length album, following “The Wisdom Machine” and “Siamese God”, from the Greek quintet Need displays a complex grasp of 70s and contemporary prog metal. It comes spring-loaded with flighty melodic threads à la Dream Theater and Fates Warning…. Continue Reading →

Legend – Spirit (Ravenheart)

If you’re a prog rock fan and you’ve never heard about Legend, it might be somewhat understandable, since their name isn’t referred that often over rock’s most reputed and trustworthy news sources. However, if you consider yourself to be an avid… Continue Reading →

Magna Vice – Serpent of Wisdom (Inverse Records)

 Progressive rock is one of those genres that metal fans tend to either love or loathe; some find it way too self-indulgent, lengthy and unnecessarily complex, whereas others love the over-the-top , overwhelming musical structures, and the sheer creativity and… Continue Reading →

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