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ProgPower 2019 – JC Sjiwa club, Baarlo, Netherlands 6/10/19

Sunday 6th October With torrential rain outside, the best place to be was the JC Sjiwa club where Lost in Thought opened up proceedings on the Sunday. The crowd clapped from the outset. The band chose to play their latest… Continue Reading →

ProgPower 2019 – JC Sjiwa club, Baarlo, Netherlands 4/10/19

Introduction and Friday 4th October The organisers at ProgPower Europe excelled themselves this year. They achieved a great mix of known and unknown bands. There are fresh new bands and grizzly old bands, but nobody as old as me of… Continue Reading →

Dreamwalkers Inc – First Re-draft (Layered Reality Productions)

I don’t think Tom de Wit, the inspiration behind Dreamwalkers Inc, is capable of creating anything less than substantial. “First Re-draft” is no exception. This is a very thoughtful person, who lives and breathes prog and the emotional waves that… Continue Reading →

Temples on Mars – S/T (Primordial Records)

My first encounter with London-based Temples on Mars was at ProgPower Europe this year. I learned that this London-based band was previously called Agent, hardly a stand-out name, and this is effectively a re-launch. After the band’s entertaining heavy melodic… Continue Reading →

Circles – The Last One (Season of Mist)

Circles first came to me this year when I saw that they were coming all the way from Australia along with compatriots Caligula’s Horse to play at ProgPower Europe. “The Last One” is their second album release after “Infinitas” (2013)…. Continue Reading →

Haken – L-1VE (DVD) (Inside Out Music)

I confess that I’m not an avid watcher of DVDs, but this one sparked my interest. I’ve followed Haken since their first Album “Aquarius” (2010), and seen them twice at ProgPower Europe and umpteen times in London, so I guess… Continue Reading →

Kingcrow – Eidos (Sensory Records)

My first encounter with Kingcrow was at ProgPower Europe in 2011 when they put on a polished performance of progressive rock/metal. Then came the album “In Crescendo” (2013) – still more reason to be impressed. Once again, Kingcrow have produced… Continue Reading →

Ramage Inc – Feel the Waves (SR)

I knew a lot of these songs after seeing Ramage Inc play at ProgPower Europe recently. Their performance was dynamic and their melodic metal songs had big, catchy hooks, so I had high hopes for this album. From the first… Continue Reading →

European Progressive Assault: Leprous, Loch Vostok, Persefone and Ørkenkjøtt – Camden Underworld 22/10/12.

  I was very excited about this one – four bands that I like all painting musical pictures in different and unusual ways. It all hung on the live representation. I just hoped the sound in the venue was going… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – Part 3 – Sun 7th October – Baarlo, Holland

Sunday was a cold and chilly day. Some Progpeople went for a run in the morning, while others just … chilled out. First up at the JC Sjiwa club today was Atlantis from the host country. An electro-ambient rhythm ran… Continue Reading →

Interview – Anubis Gate

  Denmark’s Anubis Gate performed recently at ProgPower Europe 2012 following the release earlier in the year of their self-titled album, their 5th since 2001. While there, Andrew Doherty met Kim Olesen, guitarist and band member since the beginning. An… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – Part 2 – Sat 6th October – Baarlo, Holland

Normally at ProgPower many of the festival goers spend the Saturday and Sunday morning sitting in the courtyard of the splendid castle, chat, listen to music and generally recover from the night before. The rain came this year, so on… Continue Reading →

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