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ProgPower 2019 – JC Sjiwa club, Baarlo, Netherlands 5/10/19

Saturday 5th October Saturday came, and the first band on was Scarlet Stories from the host country. Experiencing these prog bands from the Netherlands, of whom there are many and really good ones at that, is for me one of… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – JC Sjiwa Club, Baarlo, Netherlands 5-7/10/18 Part 3

Sunday 6th October The UK dominated the afternoon with three representatives of the not-always-so-united kingdom appearing in the afternoon. The first of them was Temples on Mars from London. Energy was in the air as Temples on Mars started with… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – JC Sjiwa Club, Baarlo, Netherlands 5-7/10/18 Part 2

Saturday 5th October A highlight at this festival for me is the exposure of bands from the host country. Saturday’s line-up started with one such in Golden Caves. There wasn’t a full house yet but 70 or 80 isn’t a… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – JC Sjiwa Club, Baarlo, Netherlands 5-7/10/18 Part 1

Here we go. The gentle juggernaut that is ProgPower Europe is upon us again. Having missed last year’s episode, I was back for my fix of the great, the good and hopefully the mystifying. The line-up looked interesting and as… Continue Reading →

Distorted Harmony – A Way Out (S/R)

I had to be reminded that I’d seen Distorted Harmony when they played at ProgPower Europe in 2016. That’s not the most auspicious start but the fact that they were there is good in itself. This nicely packaged album is… Continue Reading →

Sleepmakeswaves – Made of Breath Only (Pelagic)

It’s a strange thing when an intro is followed by what seems to be another intro. This is Australian post rock band Sleepmakeswaves, and this is their third album. Admittedly the second intro, an instrumental called “Worlds Away” livens up… Continue Reading →

Dreamwalkers Inc – The Antithetic Affiliation (Layered Reality Productions)

Dreamwalkers Inc is the band project of Tom de Wit from The Netherlands. I’ve come to regard The Netherlands as the epicentre of Prog, not least because ProgPower Europe is held there. Dreamwalkers Inc put on a very nice show… Continue Reading →

Until Rain – Inure (Sensory Records)

This is Greek band Until Rain’s third album release as follow-up to “The Reign of Dreams” (2009) and “Anthem to Creation” (2013). My only encounter with the band was at ProgPower Europe in 2015. What I remember about that was… Continue Reading →

Brutai – Born (Transcend Music)

Thanks to considerable publicity, I have read a lot about modern metal band Brutai and was surprised to learn that this is their debut album. I was particularly interested in this release as they are due to play at ProgPower… Continue Reading →

Interview – Wolverine

In 2016 Swedish progressive band Wolverine recently released their fifth album “Viva Machina” and performed for the sixth time at ProgPower Europe. Intrigued about what motivates this band, Andrew Doherty interviewed vocalist Stefan Zell (SZ) and drummer Marcus Losbjer (ML)…. Continue Reading →

Dreamwalkers Inc – Aphrodisia (Layered Reality Productions)

This four track EP is a taster for Mr Dreamwalker and his band’s forthcoming double album, which will comprise one light and one dark experience. Damnation and Deliverance, maybe? But that’s to come. Mr Dreamwalker is in fact Dutch musician… Continue Reading →

Oddland – Origin (Sensory Records)

After a quick and very pleasant memory of refresh of Oddland’s “Treachery of Senses”, which I bought after being mesmerised by them at ProgPower Europe in 2013, I was ready for this one. I recalled that these Finns play a… Continue Reading →

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