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Albums Of The Year 2017

Albums Of The Year 2017

PETE WOODS (EDITOR): TOP 20 As others will re-iterate it’s been a crazy year for good music releases and anyone who tells you otherwise is quite frankly a fool. The biggest problem has been keeping up with it all and admittedly we are probably all.. Read More
Procession - Doom Decimation (High Roller)

Procession – Doom Decimation (High Roller)

Procession have come a long way. From Chile to Sweden and back again to Chile to record this album, in fact…It has also been four long years since their magnificent sophomore album ‘To Reap The Heavens Apart’, in part presumably due to main man, vocalist.. Read More
Interview - Nocturnal

Interview – Nocturnal

With their third full length album hitting the shelves recently, what better time to hear from German black/thrashers Nocturnal. Riding high once again on a wave of Teutonic vitriol, neck snapping riffage and a fine back catalogue, Ave Noctum caught up with bassist Vomitor to.. Read More
Solstice - Death's Crown Is Victory (Invictus)

Solstice – Death’s Crown Is Victory (Invictus)

Well this promo turning up was a pleasant surprise. Those of you who bothered to read my End Of Year thing for 2013 would have noticed I have already praised this as it was available as a download from the band and on lovely vinyl.. Read More
Poema Arcanus - Transient Chronicles (Solitude)

Poema Arcanus – Transient Chronicles (Solitude)

This little beastie sits next to Procession in my listings. Odd as they both play a style of doom. And both come from Chile. And both have these great, haunting, deep, clean vocals. That’s where similarities end, though. Poema Arcanus eschew the epic doom and.. Read More
In Solitude – Sister (Metal Blade)

In Solitude – Sister (Metal Blade)

Since reviewing the reissue of their debut early this year I have become a firm fan of In Solitude and ‘Sister’ has been one of my most anticipated album releases of the year. Their debut was such a confident and assured album full of memorable.. Read More
Altar Of Oblivion -  Grand Gesture Of Defiance (Shadow Kingdom)

Altar Of Oblivion – Grand Gesture Of Defiance (Shadow Kingdom)

I have a lot of time for Shadow Kingdom records; they continually unearth both items well worthy of resurrection and new releases of serious class. Basically they know Heavy Metal. So despite the fact I didn’t exactly get on withDenmark’s slightly war obsessed Altar Of.. Read More