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Agnostic Front – Get Loud (Nuclear Blast)

The Hardcore Scene and New York go hand in hand, almost seen as true siblings, and for almost 40 years now, in one guise or another, Agnostic Front have been the forefathers, the leading light in the genre. As well… Continue Reading →

Sick Of It All – Wake the Sleeping Dragon! (Century Media)

Hardcore isn’t exclusively a New York phenomenon, but it is appropriate to the gritty city. Sick Of It All have been doing it loud and proud for 32 years, and are now on their twelfth album. If I were to… Continue Reading →

Walls Of Jericho – No One Can Save You From Yourself (Napalm)

If you bought into The American Dream it’s been a while since its follow up but finally after 8 years Walls Of Jericho return with album number five, No One Can Save You From Yourself. In the hiatus, life and… Continue Reading →

Pro-Pain – Voice Of Rebellion (SPV)

Not sure what’s going on but I normally have a big review pile of stuff that I want to cover but of late absolutely nothing really has made me want to grab it and everything’s been a bit meh. Perhaps… Continue Reading →

Earth Crisis – Salvation Of Innocents (Candlelight)

Part of the process of this review was to refresh myself on where Earth Crisis came from to get to where they are.  I duly bludgeoned myself my listening to their 2011 oeuvre “Neutralize the Threat”. Puffing my cheeks out… Continue Reading →

Darkhaus – My Only Shelter (Oblivion / SPV)

Gary Meskil. Big. Bald. Bearded. Icon of hardcore/metal. Founder of Crumbsuckers and Pro-Pain. If you cut this dude he will bleed Noo Yawk subway grease. You know exactly what you get from this bruiser:- Euro dance pop rock. Yup. You… Continue Reading →

F.O.A.D. – Remorse Is For The Dead (SR)

This little four tracker turned up from Lyon in France along with an extra disc containing biog and photos. I always find it odd when a band do this, it seems expensive when a piece of paper will do the… Continue Reading →

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