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Brothers Of Metal – Prophecy Of Ragnarok (AFM)

So AFM sign a Swedish Power/Heavy Metal band. No big news there. AFM sign a Swedish Power/Heavy Metal band with 8 members – well that’s a bit more out of the ordinary…3 guitarists and 3 vocalists (with a bassist and… Continue Reading →

Heir Apparent – The View From Below (No Remorse)

It’s been 29 years since their last album ‘One Small Voice’, that album in itself was a complete contrast to the near perfect debut of ‘Graceful Inheritance’ released in 1986, a whole two years before another band made a massive… Continue Reading →

One Machine – The Final Cull (Scarlet)

At first I thought this was One Machine’s first album, only to find out that ‘The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth’ was released in February 2014 and ‘The Final Cull’ is actually their second album. One Machine is… Continue Reading →

Wretched Soul –Veronica (Dark Lord Records)

Wretched Soul from Kent launched this album at a recent show where they supported Mercenary and Omnium Gatherum. I was there, and was struck by the vigour and vivacity of their performance. The energy outweighed the cohesion of the music,… Continue Reading →

Månegarm – Legions of the North (Napalm)

Stalwarts of the Viking metal scene Månegarm are back with their seventh full-length and a little surprise in store for long-term fans. As the title Legions of the North suggests, these sons of Sweden have laid aside their habit of… Continue Reading →

Raven Black Night – Barbarian Winter (Metal Blade)

A barbarian winter out of sunny Oz was a bit of a long shot for a band I knew nothing of but, billed as epic doom and previously having had an album out on Shadow Kingdom I thought ‘give it… Continue Reading →

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