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Power Quest – Sixth Dimension (Inner Wound Recordings)

Power Quest – Sixth Dimension (Inner Wound Recordings)

I remember watching Power Quest a few years ago. I am sure they were supporting Helloween and it was at the Camden Palace, or Koko as it now is. My recollection is of cheesy jollity. To their credit, Power Quest have established themselves internationally in.. Read More
Jag Panzer - The Deviant Chord (Steamhammer)

Jag Panzer – The Deviant Chord (Steamhammer)

Jag Panzer are an institution in respect to US heavy/power metal, adored in Europe and have a strong following elsewhere. Vocalist Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin has some of the most varied range in modern metal. For this album its gone further, there’s much more controlled.. Read More
Isle Of Avalon – Tulgey Wood and the Table Rounde (S/R)

Isle Of Avalon – Tulgey Wood and the Table Rounde (S/R)

In all probability my ageing brain is fading but I am struggling think of British power metal bands. I did come up in my deliberations with Bal-Sagoth, and to a point there is a comparison here as Isle of Avalon promise classic fantasy tales of.. Read More
Hexx - Wrath of the Reaper (High Roller)

Hexx – Wrath of the Reaper (High Roller)

Hexx made some great albums back in the day, their first two in particular ‘No Escape’ and ‘Under the Spell’ closing that chapter with ‘Quest for Sanity’. Later changing from their power metal roots, they evolved into a harsher death/thrash inspired outfit with a different.. Read More
Ensiferum - Two Paths (Metal Blade)

Ensiferum – Two Paths (Metal Blade)

It’s often said that Ensiferum need no introduction, and it’s true. If you were having a small soiree or bijou shindig one evening, you’d just know they’d arrived. The long-boat dragged onto the front lawn is an obvious clue, as are the discarded shields, swords.. Read More
Serious Black - Magic (AFM)

Serious Black – Magic (AFM)

Three albums in as many years is a feat many established bands have long since forgone, making this something only seen in the past. Thankfully, Serious Black are bringing this trend back, matching the sheer drive of bands with ‘lesser profiles’ by pumping out high.. Read More
Fireforce -Annihilate The Evil (Limb Music)

Fireforce -Annihilate The Evil (Limb Music)

With an opening track called ‘The Boys From Down Under’, it’s pretty obvious where this energetic Power Metal band hail from! Yep, Belgium. Not known for it’s Power Metal pedigree (and a fair old distance from Australia), Fireforce are certainly one of their country’s leaders.. Read More
Subterranean Masquerade – Vagabond (Vicisolum)

Subterranean Masquerade – Vagabond (Vicisolum)

Subterranean Masquerade – expect the unexpected. There’s always something unexpected on a Subterranean Masquerade album. The band’s main line-up is normal enough as you look down the list of members – there’s of course guitarist Tomer Pink (the band’s founder), notably there’s also Kjetil Nordhus.. Read More
Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Stand Your Ground (High Roller)

Jack Starr’s Burning Starr – Stand Your Ground (High Roller)

I’m all for a bit self promotion – if you think you’ve just recorded a great album then that’s a fabulous thing and you should promote this. Let the world know that your album is pretty bloody good and then wait hopefully for people to.. Read More
Crimfall - Amain (Metal Blade)

Crimfall – Amain (Metal Blade)

The epic diction and chorus give the immediate impression of mediaeval scenes and heroic deeds. This isn’t a false impression as everything about this work from Finland’s Crimfall suggests bombast and grandiosity. Crimfall use a number of tools to shape this battle-scarred epic Viking adventure... Read More
Sons Of Crom - The Black Tower (Nordvis)

Sons Of Crom – The Black Tower (Nordvis)

Sons of Crom, hailing out of Finland are a duo whose sound centres pretty much around ‘epic’ heavy metal. With one full length already behind them, “The Black Tower” marks their next recording and it’s certainly an imposing one, especially overcoming that milestone mark. So.. Read More
Orden Ogan – Gunmen (AFM)

Orden Ogan – Gunmen (AFM)

German Metallers Orden Ogan’s sixth studio album is upon us, as the band continue their rise to the upper echelons of German Power Metal. Actually to dub Orden Ogan as merely Power Metal is limiting their style and doing them a bit of disservice. The.. Read More