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Motorowl – Atlas (Century Media)

East German psychedelic-doom five piece Motorowl are back once again with the follow up to their 2016 debut ‘Om Generator’. Much like their previous album, “Atlas” continues the use of psychedelic rock, 70’s style rock, space rock and elements of… Continue Reading →

Demetra Sine Die – Post Glacial Rebound (Third I Rex)

With the album title in front of me I expected Demetra Sine Die to be one of those gazing bands, all nice harmonies and looking out over a shimmering plateau of ice. Yeah I suppose there’s a little bit of… Continue Reading →

Dreamarcher – Harding (Indie)

I have no idea what is going on here. Not really. Oslo band Dreamarcher are a completely new name to me. This short EP is apparently a concept EP about the town Harding and its history, particularly around industrialisation. Most… Continue Reading →

Old Graves – This Ruin Beneath Snowfall (Naturmacht)

Once in a while a release comes along and grabs you, making you sit up and take notice……. This 24 minute, 4 track EP from Canadian one man project Old Graves did exactly that with me, and after several spins,… Continue Reading →

Calligram – EP (S/R)

Since 2011 the guys in what has become ‘Calligram’ have been writing aggressive, alternative hardcore in London. Morphing through members and band names, the current diverse line-up hailing from France, Italy, Brazil and the Basque Country, have started to garner… Continue Reading →

Sunset in the 12th House – Mozaic (Prophecy)

Chill out music for the metal masses was something I alluded to two weeks ago, almost in jest, when I was reviewing a certain high quality and ethereally inclined funeral doom album. But I was surprised to so quickly come… Continue Reading →

Seagrave – Stabwound (Art Of Propaganda)

After plunging headlong into a full-scale Harakiri For The Sky obsession last year I was pleasantly surprised to hear only a few weeks ago that the band’s vocalist JJ had spread his wings ready for death or glory with his… Continue Reading →

The Old Wind – Feast On Your Gone (Pelagic Records)

Tomas Liljedahl may or may not be familiar to some of you here but if not he was the former vocalist for legendary post hardcore act Breach but has been away from the live scene dealing with some demons, something… Continue Reading →

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