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All Pigs Must Die – Hostage Animal (Southern Lord)

For those unfamiliar with this act it contains a raft of notable personnel, namely Ben Koller (Converge), Matt Woods and Adam Wentworth (Bloodhorse), Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy) and Brian Izzi (Trap Them). I have skirted the fringes of All… Continue Reading →

Complete Failure – Cross Burner (Season Of Mist)

If any of you listened to this US bands self-released “The Art Gospel of Aggravated Assault” from 2012 then you know that that release is one of the most violent grindcore albums you heard during that year and even now… Continue Reading →

Impure Wilhelmina – Radiation (Season of Mist)

Well, these guys have come out of nowhere (after five previous albums, I must add) with a bit of a gem here for anyone who’s into the whole post-hardcore melancholy vibe and vocals powerful enough to cause a higher-level stratospheric… Continue Reading →

Membrane – Reflect Your Pain (Atypeek Music)

“Membrane make a living from working with noise”. And some noise it is. The French band’s fifth album is not the sort of ambient soundscape where figures emerge unexpectedly out of gloomy shadows, but a crashing world of reverberating sounds,… Continue Reading →

Izah – Sistere (Nordvis)

This Dutch sextet’s promo blurb describes their debut as a “72-minute long musical narration through darkness and light, hope and despair”. Within they pummel the listener with a combination of sludge-packed crush, barren post-hardcore and black metal affectations before soothing… Continue Reading →

Downfall of Gaia – Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay (Metal Blade)

After half a dozen albums and splits in the past five years you’d expect Downfall of Gaia to have things nailed down but this latest platter still manages to surpass expectations like a meteor gatecrashing the local firework display. Previous… Continue Reading →

Sedna – S/T (Drown Within)

“No politics. No religions” screams their biography. Italians Sedna are obviously keen for you to focus on their musical output alone and they needn’t worry. At times abrasive and antagonistic, at others soul-sapping and desolate, their self-titled debut album is… Continue Reading →

Abraham / Coilguns – Split (Hummus Records)

A rather nifty little promo from Hummus records, hand numbered for the media can you believe and presenting a couple of heavyweight acts each with its own style creating a contrasting split release. There seems to have been a fad… Continue Reading →

Pord – Wild (Solar Flare)

Wondering just how to start this review I went for the tried and tested look up the band name and see if other than as a moniker it has any real meaning and discovered that according to Urban Dictionary it… Continue Reading →

Enola – The Light fröm Below (S/R)

I’m not sure why light should come “fröm” below unless the band is trying to be Swedish or something, but as Enola come fröm France, this theory does not höld water. Ridiculous. Even my PC thinks I’m being ridiculous and… Continue Reading →

Herod – They Were None (Mighty Music / Target)

On a trip to Sweden, staying in an isolated studio apartment, guitarist Pierre Caroz looked around the cold and desolate climate that surrounded him and began to construct music to match. What emerged was a primitive, oppressively dark cacophony (a… Continue Reading →

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