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E-L-R – Maenad (Prophecy Productions)

Where are we? Somewhere in nature definitely. To a background of looped tunes, someone is hurrying through dry leaves or high grass, breathing heavily. The person might be running away or just climbing up a hill. But that’s just the… Continue Reading →

Sadgiqacea – False Prism (Candlelight)

Two guys from Philadelphia put out four slabs of dark and weighty metal. That sums up “False Prism” for me. The opening tones suggest a bit of Hawkwind psychedelia but that’s just a bit part as walls start to crash… Continue Reading →

Benea Reach – Possession (Spinefarm)

For those of a djenty disposition, here’s Benea Reach from Norway. This collection of ten wide-reaching and substantial chunks makes up their third album release. Let me say now that Benea Reach not a version of Uneven Structure or Vildjharta…. Continue Reading →

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