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Post Black

Antlers – Beneath.Below.Behold (Totenmusik/Ván Records)

When Deafheaven released its masterpiece “Sunbather” in 2013, it created a rift in the black metal scene. On one side, there were those who dismissed this new wave as not being black metal at all, while on the other side… Continue Reading →

Coldawn – …. In The Dawn (Flowing Downward)

What’s 17,000 km between artistic collaborators in this Internet age? Obviously not a huge amount as the principle artists in this outfit come from Australia and Venezuela. All instruments here are provided by a young Antipodean Brendon Sibraa who has… Continue Reading →

Lumnos – Ancient Shadows Of Saturn (Flowing Downward)

This is The first physical release by Brazilian musician Putrefactus after a few digital only ones and as the title suggests this is very much of the cosmic black metal variety. Even from the opening note, there is a huge… Continue Reading →

Devlsy – Private Suite (ATMF)

Deep, reverberating sounds of a post black metal kind and a vocalist who sounds like he’s on his last legs … this is Devlsy from a sinister and depressive sounding place. As I got into “Corridors”, the first track of… Continue Reading →

Heir – Au Peuple de l’Abîme (LADLO Productions)

French black metal has a good pedigree. Here’s another band, Heir, from Toulouse, who deliver “disillusioned post-black metal, dark, either fast or heavy, sometimes bright, but always dedicated to an atmosphere of contemplation or desolation”. Their CV so far comprises… Continue Reading →

Fen – Winter (Code666)

After what seems like an eternity, but in actuality three years, Fen have returned with the successor to their 2014 full length release “Carrion Skies”, with the magnificent opus that is “Winter”. I’ve been a fan of Fen for a… Continue Reading →

Départe – Failure, Subside (Season Of Mist)

Tasmania, somewhat cut off from the rest of the world and with no shortage of angry and extreme musicians it would seem. There definitely seems to be a bit of an underground scene there and it never surprises me when… Continue Reading →

Phantom Winter – Sundown Pleasures (Golden Antenna)

Despite having another album called Cvlt and assuming many of the trappings of a black metal band, the first useful thing I can say about Phantom Winter is that they’re not black metal. Well, not entirely true, but not in… Continue Reading →

Crowhurst – II (Broken Limbs)

To me, the name Crowhurst has the aura of a sinister-sounding public school. In fact this band from Los Angeles specialise in experimental black industrial noise. Their lead member has been likened to a 70’s Miles Davis, which as an… Continue Reading →

Sun Worship – Pale Dawn (Golden Antenna)

Corpse paint ‘obsolete’? A ‘parody of itself’? Get thee hence Sun Worship, wash your mouth out with maggots and take your heresy with you…. Er, actually hold on. This is pretty good. Very good actually. So you don’t need to… Continue Reading →

Lotus Thief – Rervm (Svart Records)

The San Francisco-based duo, Bezalith and Otrebor, have taken a side-step here from their other band, Botanist, to write an album inspired by the 1st Century BC materialist text De Rerum Natura. It translates as The Nature Of Things and… Continue Reading →

Siviyj Yar – From The Dead Villages, Darkness (Avantgarde)

Сивый Яр or to give them their more pronounceable name Sivyj Yar are a Russian outfit who have several releases including three albums prior to this, my first encounter with them. It would appear that everything we hear from them… Continue Reading →

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