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Infraktor – Exhaust  (Rastilho Metal Records)

Infraktor – Exhaust (Rastilho Metal Records)

Musically I guess I’m an optimist: Even as a youngster I was constantly looking for the thrash band that would make me go “Yes! That’s the one!” Ok that ended up being Celtic Frost rather than a thrash band but there you go. And here.. Read More
Process Of Guilt – Black Earth (Bleak Recordings)

Process Of Guilt – Black Earth (Bleak Recordings)

A batch of discs turned up and I was immediately drawn towards Process Of Guilt from Portugal having heard of them before and been intrigued about giving them a proper listen as they are described as a mixture of doom, post and industrial metal. Having.. Read More
Hourswill – Harm Full Embrace (Ethereal Sound Works)

Hourswill – Harm Full Embrace (Ethereal Sound Works)

Sometimes you listen to a band, which sounds uncannily like another one that you know well. This is the case here. I’d not heard of Hourswill, whose second album this is, but for me there is a stunning resemblance in the choruses to early Mercenary,.. Read More
Steelfall - The Event Horizon (Raging Planet)

Steelfall – The Event Horizon (Raging Planet)

This 11-track album is the début by a Lisbon based Portuguese quintet who only formed last year. Stylistically they are quite an amalgamation of several genres, but lean rather heavily toward melodic death metal in a very Gothenburg way. Opening the album with the pretty.. Read More
Lâmina – Lilith (Raging Planet)

Lâmina – Lilith (Raging Planet)

Some debut albums are by simple virtue of being the first release by the band tentative, formative, maybe a little unsure. That cannot be said in any way of ‘Lilith’ by Portugal’s Lâmina. Points were instantly won when I opened the strangely shaped envelope that.. Read More
Her Name Was Fire - Road Antics (Raging Planet)

Her Name Was Fire – Road Antics (Raging Planet)

Her Name Was Fire are still a relatively new venture. The Lisbon duo have one EP to their name and “Road Antics” is the debut full length release with promises of stoner rock goodness with grunge and blues elements thrown in. Admittedly, this is definitely.. Read More
Affaire - Neon Gods (Raging Planet)

Affaire – Neon Gods (Raging Planet)

With PR material heralding tales of Sunset Strip influence, this Lisbon/Portuguese band present a nicely packaged digi EP containing 5 tracks, one of which is a Beatles cover. The style is typical, a little messy, whilst the ideas are there, the execution, mainly from the.. Read More
Interview - Earth Electric (Rune Eriksen)

Interview – Earth Electric (Rune Eriksen)

There’s a new power station lighting up the grid, designed to enlighten those into progressive metal and classic rock with its timeless sound. Those behind it are not such new names though as the band rose from the ashes of much the loved Portuguese /.. Read More
Grog - Ablutionary Rituals (Murder Records)

Grog – Ablutionary Rituals (Murder Records)

It’s been over a quarter of a century since this Portuguese quartet crawled out of the mire and 21 years since they released their début and if this, their fourth album, is anything to go by, the certainly haven’t lost any speed or nastiness. This.. Read More
Adamantine - Heroes & Villains (Allegiance Records)

Adamantine – Heroes & Villains (Allegiance Records)

Lisbon’s Adamantine have landed with their second full length album after a five year gap from debut effort “Chaos Genesis”. Blending thrash and death metal while infusing songs with a heavy melodic element, “Heroes & Villains” finds the band capitalising on their style. Guitarist and.. Read More
Earth Electric – Vol 1: Solar (Season Of Mist)

Earth Electric – Vol 1: Solar (Season Of Mist)

Blimey how time flies, was it really 4 years ago that Ava Inferi made the surprise decision to bow out at seemingly the top of their game? It would appear so and after 4 excellent albums it was certainly a loss to their fans if.. Read More