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Albums Of The Year 2017

Albums Of The Year 2017

PETE WOODS (EDITOR): TOP 20 As others will re-iterate it’s been a crazy year for good music releases and anyone who tells you otherwise is quite frankly a fool. The biggest problem has been keeping up with it all and admittedly we are probably all.. Read More
Portrait – Burn The World (Metal Blade)

Portrait – Burn The World (Metal Blade)

Anyone who loves speed metal, but can’t stand the lashings of cheese usually served up by the speedier Euro brand of power metal, should love Portrait. The first album back in 2008 was a blast – a fantastic band still finding their feet. But it.. Read More
Attic - Sanctimonious (Van)

Attic – Sanctimonious (Van)

Germany’s Attic are set to releases this their first concept album centred around 4 characters in a convent. Namely Sister Alice, Sister Joan, Abbess Margaret and Prioress Clare. The sinister sounds are obviously compared to Mercyful Fate, especially with the falsetto vocal. Attic have yet.. Read More
RAM - Svbversvm (Metal Blade)

RAM – Svbversvm (Metal Blade)

Based on their recent split release with fellow countrymen Portrait, I find such an influence has rubbed off and with these Swedes fourth album, this sees RAM employ a touch darker essence comfortably displayed in the music, whilst retaining their core pure heavy metal credentials.. Read More
Primordial, Winterfylleth, Portrait & Malthusian – London Islington Academy 7/2/15

Primordial, Winterfylleth, Portrait & Malthusian – London Islington Academy 7/2/15

It’s a chilly evening and we scurry quickly into the venue to warm up as soon as doors open at 5PM. It may well be an early start but well worth getting down in time for opening band Malthusian who are over from Ireland with.. Read More
Ram / Portrait - Under Command (Metal Blade)

Ram / Portrait – Under Command (Metal Blade)

This is a nice release, two of my favourite Swedish bands playing two distinct styles or variations of traditional metal, both having one individual track, one cover track and another cover of a track by the other band (if you know what I mean). Their.. Read More
Interview - Portrait

Interview – Portrait

Sweden’s Portrait have been a consistent force in cool heavy metal music over the past few years, no matter what you think of the music or the vocal style in particular, this is great stuff. Their latest release ‘Crossroads’ is an absolute amazing album reviewed.. Read More
Attic – Attic (Metal Punx Rex)

Attic – Attic (Metal Punx Rex)

Since discovering this band a couple of weeks ago, Attic (from Germany) are a real heavy metal band, if you like anything from Mercyful Fate to something like what Portrait and In Solitude are doing right now, then you need to check this band out... Read More
RAM - Interview

RAM – Interview

RAM are a traditional heavy metal behemoth from Sweden, a country containing many of the most promising prospects of the heavy metal genre of late. RAM have had a very healthy underground following with two studio albums behind them, ‘Forced Entry’ and ‘Lightbringer’. 2012 brings.. Read More