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Klaw – LightCrusher (S/R)

This is the début album by the Swiss quintet, a thrash metal band and contain a member of Poltergeist, which turns out to be one unknown to me, as I only ever managed to pick up ’91s ‘Behind My Mask’…. Continue Reading →

The Changeling – Peter Medak (Second Sight)

It must have been three decades or so since I last saw 1980 movie The Changeling but memories had never really left from this one and all came flooding back when catching up on its Blu-Ray debut via Second Sight…. Continue Reading →

Skogen – Skuggorna kallar (Nordvis)

The shadow is calling once more and I have encountered this brand of Nordic Darkness before and having used up translation clichés I best get down to things. It’s been four years since last album ‘I döden’ and this is… Continue Reading →

Requiem – Global Resistance Rising (FDA Records)

Never crossed paths with Swiss death metal band Requiem before but there again they have been silent for about seven years. Well I guess the predictable joke is they certainly aren’t silent now. Downright noisy in fact. They play a… Continue Reading →

The Amityville Horror – Stuart Rosenberg (Second Sight)

I guess if you went out Family Fortune’s style and asked the average person on the street to name a haunted house it wouldn’t be long before Amityville popped up. The name is embedded in popular culture, due firstly to… Continue Reading →

Raise Hell – Written In Blood (Black Lodge)

Long standing Swedish thrashers Raise Hell are back with a new line up and a new album. Hailing from Stockholm, the four piece return after a nine year absence with the follow up to “City Of The Damned” to bring… Continue Reading →

Skogen – I Döden (Nordvis)

I really enjoyed the 2nd album by Swedish band Skogen (Forest) ‘Svitjod,’ released in 2011. It would appear that they sneaked a follow up completely under my radar called ‘Eld’ in 2012 and now proving that they work fairly rapidly… Continue Reading →

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