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Spaceslug – Eye The Tide (BSFD Records)

Poland’s Spaceslug are a busy band. Their universe started to come together in 2015 but the big bang happened for them with debut LP “Lemanis” in 2016 and follow up, “Time Travel Dilemma” one year later. Punctuated by an EP… Continue Reading →

Down to the Heaven – [ level -1 ] (Heavison)

This is the Polish outfit’s début album after having been around for 4 years and with the current line-up for two. Hailing from Bielsko-Biała the 6 piece describe themselves as Djent/Metalcore/Electro, which is about as apt a description as you’re… Continue Reading →

VELD – S.I.N. (Listenable Records)

Spawned In Nothingness is the fourth album by this Belarussian trio, and it’s pretty straight forward, fast and extremely aggressive death metal, with a touch of atmospherics to keep it interesting. The intro “The Beginning of Madness” lulls you in… Continue Reading →

Truchlo Strzygi – Pora Umierac (Godz ov War)

“Black and punk metal from Poland” is the minimalist description of this one. If it’s a case of take it or leave it, I’ll take it. Time to die – well, that’s what the title means. It sounds intriguing. The… Continue Reading →

Thunderwar – Wolfpack (Lifeforce Records)

This 5 track EP is the third release by Polish quartet Thunderwar and its rapid no-nonsense songs get to the point with minimal fuss. Opening title track “Wolfpack” has Kamil “Madness” Mandes’s raspy vocals spat out over Paweł “Pavulon” Jaroszewicz’s… Continue Reading →

Hegemone – We Disappear (Debemur Morti)

While the wider metal scene is much more inclusive than for example the hardcore or the punk scene when it comes to bands from outside the US or the UK, bands from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe are still not getting… Continue Reading →

Kingdom – Putrescent Remains Of The Dead Ground (Godz Ov War Productions)

Apart from the band’s debut this Polish act love their long album titles even though their albums are relatively short as this fourth clocks in the sub 30 minute mark and begins with an eerie almost sinister riff on “Walls… Continue Reading →

Misanthropic Rage – Igne Natura Renovatur Integra (Godz ov War)

To say that I was impressed with Misanthropic Rage’s debut album “Gates No Longer Shut” (2016) is an understatement. Merging and transcending styles, while buttonholed as “avant-garde progressive black metal”, it was basically Polish metal with atmospheres and attitude. Like… Continue Reading →

Elixir Of Distress – Kontynent (Winterheart Music)

You won’t find a whole lot about Elixir Of Distress on the Internet and all I have to go with is a hand written note that came with the promo disc. Basically although the album recording session started in 2013… Continue Reading →

Voidhanger – Dark Days of the Soul (Agonia Records)

I don’t know why it is that Polish death metal vocalists have the raucous tone of people who have indulged in large quantities of vodka and spent their time in smoke-filled rooms, but Voidhanger’s Warcrimer is the archetype of the… Continue Reading →

Twinge – Enslaved By Human Mind (S/R)

Back at the turn of the new millennium, give or take a year or so, Kerrang! was an actual relevant thing to me musically. It sometimes gave compilation CD’s and actually provided some decent features and helped widen my growing… Continue Reading →

Warfist / Excidium – Laws Of Perversion And Filth (Godz Ov War Productions)

I was lucky enough to get hold of the album “Metal To The Bone” by Polish leather & stud enthusiasts Warfist last year and it couldn’t have had a more appropriate title so when the opportunity arose to write about… Continue Reading →

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