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Profeci – Matecznik (Godz Ov War Productions)

The Black metal world is under a Polish onslaught at the moment with elite heavy hitters such as Behemoth, Batushka and MGLA all bringing their own brands of technical, precise, malevolent, and mechanical brilliance to the party. So, when I… Continue Reading →

Divine Weep – The Omega Man (Ossuary Records)

Divine Weep initially formed as a Black Metal band over 20 years ago, but after a couple of demos things went rather quiet for a while until the guitarist and drummer regrouped with new members and within a few years… Continue Reading →

Conquest Icon – Empire of the Worm (Godz ov War)

Polish blackened death metal band Conquest Icon have been around since 2009, since when they have released two albums including this one, their first being in 2010, and three tracks on a split three years later. Looking at the history… Continue Reading →

Wilczyca – S/T (Godz Ov War)

Godz Ov War don’t only teach us about music from Poland but also necessitate a bit of a crash course in linguistics as well. I was drawn to this album after a box of discs turned up from the label… Continue Reading →

Vader – Solitude In Madness (Nuclear Blast)

I think one of the main keys to a successful band is consistency. When a band has a change in sound part way through their career it often deters many fans. I think that a gradual change or light change… Continue Reading →

Medico Peste – The Black Bile (Season of Mist)

This particular piece of black bile comes from Poland courtesy of Medico Peste, who have trading their brand of so-called schizophrenic black metal since 2010. This is not black metal of a vanilla nature, as people say nowadays. It’s grey… Continue Reading →

Vermisst – Zmierzch stalowej ciemności (Fallen Temple)

First of a brace of discs landing on us from Fallen Temple in Poland sees home-grown talent Vermisst (Missing) in action. Relatively a new band forming only in 2018 they already have 2 demos and a split with Plaguespawn to… Continue Reading →

Only Sons – Lions And Unicorns (S/R)

Only Sons are a five-piece band hailing from Poland with a love on 90’s alternative rock and metal. Still relatively new on the scene, they formed in 2017 and have one EP to their credit. “Lions And Unicorns” is their… Continue Reading →

Across The Shade – Hope (S/R)

Polish Melodic Death Metal quartet Across The Shade come at us with a simple named offering for their debut full-length release. “Hope” is an 8 track, sub-40 minute Melodic Death Metal attack which you could easily mistake for being something… Continue Reading →

Blaze Of Perdition – The Harrowing Of Hearts (Metal Blade)

This posed a question, is it better to hear new material on album first or live? Having caught Polish act Blaze Of Perdition a couple of months ago and noted that their song-craft would probably make more sense if allowed… Continue Reading →

Haxandraok – KI SI KIL UD DA KAR RA (Van)

Sometimes I watch bands live or hear a song or record and just think ‘what is the point in this?’ Truthfully, I find a disdain for anything that isn’t trying to at least tread some new ground, even if that… Continue Reading →

Loathfinder / Druj – Aspects Of Oblation (Godz Ov War)

A Polish / US split here I believe. Not that I’m familiar with either band, mind, but let’s have a listen. Poles Loathfinder are first. ‘Soil Of The Starving’ opens up and rages with some ferocious, chaotic death metal howling… Continue Reading →

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