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Ye Banished Privateers – First Night Back In Port (Napalm)

Just to be different from every other review of this album, I am going to resist the demanding urge to turn all pirate in the first few lines. There’ll be no timbers shivered, any pieces will not be of eight,… Continue Reading →

Alestorm – No Grave But The Sea (Napalm)

The one and only heavy metal pirates of Alestorm have crashed upon our shores once more with their 5th full length album: “No Grave But The Sea”! It’s been 3 years since their last opus “Sunset On The Golden Age”… Continue Reading →

Running Wild – Rapid Foray (SPV)

Much of the criticism I’ve seen leveled at Running Wild’s last two albums (post the ill-advised “That’s it, I’m not doing Running Wild anymore, that’s yer lot, farewell, I’m outta here…” statement of a few years back) is that they… Continue Reading →

Alestorm – Sunset On The Golden Age (Napalm)

  AVAST YE….Oh, bollocks to it, I really can’t be bothered. Every bloody Alestorm review seems to start with some reviewer doing Pirate impressions – well not me, lets leave that to the band! Nope, no nautical silliness from this… Continue Reading →

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