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Windhand – Grief’s Eternal Flower (Relapse)

Windhand’s last album, ‘Soma’, was a near text book example of epic doom, closing off with the masterpiece of crushing desolation that is the thirty minute ‘Boleskine’. Jump forward to 2015 and in order not to be overshadowed, the band… Continue Reading →

Pilgrim – II: Void Worship (Metal Blade)

Pilgrim’s full length debut ‘Misery Wizard’ was an instant doom classic and the progression and experience of the past couple of years has ensured that you will recognise a good thing first time around when you spin ‘II: Void Worship’… Continue Reading →

Windhand – Soma (Relapse)

Okay folks, without having even heard of the band, the first thing I noticed when I loaded this album from American doom outfit Windhand, even before I’d played the album, was the fact that the final track, ‘Boleskine’, was listed… Continue Reading →

Pilgrim – Misery Wizard (Metal Blade)

I’ve been a bit of a doom hound since the early 90’s. This intensified during the mid 90’s, when I was ensconced up north in the delightful northern city of Leeds. The reason? Well dear readers, I’m afraid that aside… Continue Reading →

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