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Armageddon Death Squad – Necrosmose (Great Dane Records)

This debut effort by the French death metallers first materialised towards the latter half of 2018 as an independent release but having signed to Great Dane it has got a second push to garner more attention which it should rightly… Continue Reading →

Sol De Sangre / Panico Al Miedo – La Senda de la Muerte (War Anthem Records)

Here’s a little gem. This is a split EP featuring two tracks by  both Colombian Death Metallers Sol De Sangre and Spanish Death-Thrashers Panico Al Miedo with both bands picking a couple of their favourite choice cuts from death metal… Continue Reading →

Moss Upon The Skull – In Vengeful Reverence (I, Voidhanger Records)

I’d never heard of Moss Upon The Skull prior to being sent this. Cool name, cool artwork. I was salivating at the thought of some Autopsy-like, grimey death metal as I hit “play”. Would these Belgians get my head banging… Continue Reading →

Carnation – Chapel of Abhorrence (Season of Mist)

Belgian band Carnation are responsible for meaty death metal. Not bad for a band who shares its name with a brand of evaporated milk. In their five years of existence they’ve managed to get to Asia and this year toured… Continue Reading →

Cryptic Grave – S/T (Great Dane Records)

When this EP landed on my mat I took one look at the artwork and thought “oh bugger…… he knows I don’t like black metal much”. Old school black and white art with the usual skulls, moons, wonky symbols, tombstones… Continue Reading →

Pestilence – Hadeon (Hammerheart)

What makes a legendary band? Is it enough to be ahead of your time? Or is it simply about writing great music? So many questions to answer all with an array of deep answers. To me a legendary band is… Continue Reading →

Unreal Overflows – Latent (Great Dane)

I’m not normally bothered about band names but I have to say that this year so far the quality of some of the names has impressed me more than the albums I’ve heard. First there was Questionable Blood Pressure. Now… Continue Reading →

Interview – KING

Australian band KING are all set to make a massive name for themselves, with the release of their debut album ‘Reclaim The Darkness’ through Indie Recordings. A huge, riffed-up celebration of the universe and the wonders around us, that’s as… Continue Reading →

IChaos – Masterbleeder (RITF Records)

Four years after their very well received debut ‘The Human Repellent’ I Chaos are back with ‘Masterbleeder’.  Ten tracks of furious thrashing death metal featuring new vocalist, Tobias Borra (ex-Cypher) replacing Harry Van Breda (now in Body Farm). Bearing in… Continue Reading →

Supuration – Reveries… (Listenable)

Supuration’s last album ‘CU3E’ was a minor revelation for these ears; part Carcass, part Voivod circa ‘Nothingface’, it literally formed me a new earhole. Well perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration on my part but rarely have I been as taken… Continue Reading →

Pestilence – Obsideo (Candlelight)

The last new album I heard by Dutch death progenitors Pestilence was their 2009 comeback ‘Resurrection Macabre’. While a cool effort, it came nowhere near to the quality of the band’s early releases. On top of this material aspect, there… Continue Reading →

Ecocide – The Eye of Wicked Sight (SR)

Every now and then a release arrives in my hands that is such a perfectly distilled slug of heavy metal it provokes a physical reaction. Heart beat quickening, sweaty palms, stupid grin on face… The overwhelming urge to get up,… Continue Reading →

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