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Putrid – Antichrist Above (Godz Ov War Productions)

I was surprised that there are only a few bands called Putrid on my investigations, however there are loads of bands suffixed with the word putrid; putrid this and putrid that etc. This version of Putrid hails from the deepest… Continue Reading →

Maze Of Terror – Ready To Kill (Empire)

There is something about South American metal bands which really captivates. Whether it is because their fans are so passionate about the metal scene there (seriously, watch any live dvd from S.A and just watch the crowd!) or because it… Continue Reading →

Morbid Slaughter – A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death (Inti)

Morbid Slaughter from Peru have been going since 2009 when front man Envenom decided it would be a good idea to channel his love for horror and witching metal. Joined here by Ripping Corpse (bass) and the charmingly named Necrophiliac… Continue Reading →

Blizzard Hunter – Heavy Metal to the Vein (Pure Underground Records)

This band are from Lima, Peru and started life as a tribute act in 2006 and up until last year they were known simply as Blizzard – but there are umpteen bands called that! So that maybe the reason for… Continue Reading →

Reino Ermitano – Conjuros de Poder (Ogro)

You wait years for a Peruvian doom album and then two turn up in the space of weeks. To be fair there can’t be too many bands playing this sort of style in the country but then again what do… Continue Reading →

El Hijo De La Aurora – The Enigma of Evil (Minotauro)

It’s not often you hear of Peruvian doom bands, so El Hijo De La Aurora (The Son of Dawn) are certainly unique in that sense. Unfortunately for the trio’s third release, ‘The Enigma of Evil’, that’s where the inimitability ends…. Continue Reading →

Anal Vomit – Petse Negra, Muerte Negra (Gates of Hell)

There are very few bands who can legitimately claim cult status in the death metal genre, and Anal Vomit are one of those few. Formed in 1992 in Lima, Peru, the uncompromising Death Metal four piece have undergone some line… Continue Reading →

Goat Semen – Ego Svm Satana (Hell’s Headbangers)

‘Ego Svm Satana’ is the first full-length record in Goat Semen’s fifteen year career. Given the reputation that the Peruvians have built on the back of demos during this time and the ten year period building up to their debut,… Continue Reading →

Morbid Slaughter – Wicca (Boris Records)

You know just what you are likely to get from a band with such a descriptive moniker as Morbid Slaughter don’t you? Some morbid doom like parts and some veracious old school primitive bludgeoning to boot. When you add country… Continue Reading →

Cobra – To Hell (Van)

Peru’s traditional metal explosion includes the like of Lightning and this band Cobra, their previous release was very limited in distribution, but if you want to check out where it started, I would recommend tracking down ‘Lethal Strike’. ‘To Hell’… Continue Reading →

Dehumanizer – The Incomplete Man (SR)

This is a progressive melodic death metal band from Peru, ‘The Incomplete Man’ is a self-funded effort and the fruits of this bands labour are endless based on the quality of the material on offer. I say quality, as it… Continue Reading →

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