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Spirit Adrift – Divided by Darkness (20 Buck Spin)

Ah, the rebirth of the resurrection of the classic age of heavy metal continues! You know, I’m absolutely loving the last few albums from Grand Magus, and the denim-vested antics of home grown outfits like Arkham Witch, who just aren’t… Continue Reading →

Northern Crown – S/T (S/R)

Here’s a few statistics for you. During their 30 plus year history, the longest serving, in one go at least, vocalist for Candlemass has been Mats Leven, serving from 2012-2018 on numerous tours and festival slots However, that same period… Continue Reading →

Mist – Free Me of the Sun (Soulseller)

Ljubljana in Slovenia is not a city that springs to mind when it comes to Doom. In fact the only reason I have heard of this capital is because Laibach erupted from there decades ago. Unlike their fellow country folk… Continue Reading →

Interview – Dautha

Swedish doomsters Dautha set the great bell tolling with their demo almost two years ago which was at long last followed with a full release last month. Brethren of the Black Soil fulfilled expectations of an epic doom event as… Continue Reading →

R.I.P. – Street Reaper (Riding Easy Records)

“It’s early 2017, and time for more doom.” What is that a quote from, I metaphorically hear you ask? Well, it’s the opening line for my January review of R.I.P.’s first album of 2017, in fact their first album, ‘In… Continue Reading →

Demon Eye – Prophecies and Lies (Soulseller Records)

Was it really a whole two years ago that I was sitting down at this very keyboard to review Demon Eye’s last rather good release ‘Tempora Infernalia’, I rhetorically ask? Yep, a quick check through the archives of my laptop… Continue Reading →

R.I.P. – In The Wind (Riding Easy Records)

It’s early 2017, and time for more doom. No, I don’t mean the assorted headlines and accompanying wailing and gnashing of teeth that fills the internet, but rather Doom with a capital “D” a music form that can be traced… Continue Reading →

Stone Ship – The Eye (Feuer Publications)

Whilst a new release for December 2016, ‘The Eye’ has actually been available for over a year now, albeit in the currently kvlter than kvlt way of buying a tape from the band in their darkened Finnish home or the… Continue Reading →

Feral – From The Mortuary (Cyclone Empire)

“Where Dead Dreams Dwell”, Feral’s second album, was in my top 20 albums of 2015 due to its terrorizing death metal assault and this EP sees that mission continue with six tracks of unrelenting ferocity that begins with “The Hand… Continue Reading →

Brujeria – Pocho Aztlan (Nuclear Blast)

16 years on from their second LP ‘Brujerizmo’ the masked, machete wielding, satanic Mexican bandidos are back and on top form with ‘Pocho Aztlan’. I’ve always been a fan of Brujeria, regardless of who was behind the masks. I remember… Continue Reading →

Castle – Welcome To The Graveyard (Ván)

A couple of months ago at the pub, a friend broke an unwritten rule of the table by pulling out their smart phone to display an online piece they’d seen. Now, had it been some sleepy kitten or puppy falling… Continue Reading →

Vampyromorpha – Fiendish Tales of Doom (Trollzorn)

Rarely does a title describe so succinctly the contents of an album. Vampyromorpha (not sure about that name) eschew the current trend of reworking Sabbath numbers or trying to be the new Blue Cheer in favour of mixing Pentagram and… Continue Reading →

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