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Pensees Nocturnes

Les Chants Du Hasard – Livre Second (I, Voidhanger Records)

While I really enjoyed the début from Les Chants Du Hasard in 2017, I must say that this second album completely blows it out of the water. The orchestral music is more symphonic and grandiose but also a lot darker… Continue Reading →

Pensees Nocturnes – Grand Guignol Orchestra (Ladlo Productions)

Envoyer les clowns, progenitors of black circus metal Pensees Nocturnes are back. Actually I just realised they snuck out an album in 2016 independently ‘À boire et à manger’ which I completely missed and it has been a long time… Continue Reading →

Les Chants Du Hasard – S/T (I, Voidhanger Records)

It has been an extremely long time since I’ve actively enjoyed listening to an album that contains no guitars, bass or drums. So long, in fact I cannot actually remember when it was. Well Hazard has changed that all on… Continue Reading →

Doctor Livingstone – Triumphus Haeretici (Osmose)

There’s more than a whiff of lunacy within the French extreme music scene. If you look at bands like Anorexia Nervosa, Carnival In Coal, Pensees Nocturnes & The CNK, just to name a few, they are all a sandwich short… Continue Reading →

Verlies – Le Domaine Des Hommes (Hypnotic Dirge)

Verlies is black metal band from France with their debut album. Yes but there is so much more to this than you might expect from such a simple sentence. Naiwan or N from Lille in France has been involved in… Continue Reading →

I Shalt Become – Louisiana Voodoo (Saadi Saati)

I absolutely loved drinking in the rich atmospheric grimness of ‘Poison’ the last 2010 released album from Illinois based black metal entity S Holliman. It conveyed a huge depth of expression with a classical backbone swirling around eldritch black metal… Continue Reading →

Smohalla / Omega Centauri – Tellur – Epitome (Duplicate)

A split CD of two bands playing obsidian blackness and although both are new to me our paths have crossed indirectly. French outfit Smohalla are linked via bass player Camille’s involvement in the head stewing experience that is Stagnant Waters… Continue Reading →

Way to End – Various Shades of Black (Ladlo Productions)

I’m always up for a bit of avant-garde black metal, and this band seems to fit the bill nicely. I’ve not heard Way to End’s previous album “Desecrated Internal Journey” (2009) but reading reviews of it and listening to “Various… Continue Reading →

Interview – Gerald Milani LADLO Productions

LADLO, or Les Acteurs De L’Ombres Productions to use its proper name, are a label I’ve had a great deal of time and respect for since receiving their debut release; Pensees Nocturnes ‘Vacuum’ back in 2008. Having introduced me to… Continue Reading →

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