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PSOTY – Sunless (Candlelight Records)

Formally known as Pet Slimmers Of the Year, the far pithier PSOTY return from a lengthy sabbatical with this their second full length release and follow up to 2014’s ‘Fragments Of Uniforms. I already like them though hailing, as they… Continue Reading →

Russian Circles – Blood Year (Sargent House)

Having just journeyed to Chicago on a work trip, I was amazed at how many music venues and venues playing host to live music there seemed to be. The city seemed to be steeped and influenced by music in a… Continue Reading →

Pelican – Nighttime Stories (Southern Lord)

Pelican’s (the birds) are part of the Pelecanidae family and look and sound unorthodox and odd. Swooping into the water filling up their mouths like feathery flying whales as they gorge on the fishy treats lurking beneath the waves. The… Continue Reading →

Lost In Kiev – Persona (Pelagic Records)

Parisians, Lost In Kiev, return with this their third full length effort that see’s the band step off their well-trodden path of long form epic stanzas of alt/math rock mini operas and segue into shorter more direct songs. It feels… Continue Reading →

Labirinto – Gehenna (Pelagic)

Brazil’s Labirinto have made quite a name for themselves in South America and beyond, their nine releases, two of which are full lengths, have earned them a reputation as one of the heavy hitters of the post rock genre. The… Continue Reading →

Latitudes – Old Sunlight (Debemur Morti)

If you live in or around London and attend gigs on a regular basis, then Latitudes will have becoming a steady part of you gig going diet for the last seven years or so. The band’s initial release was instrumental… Continue Reading →

Steak Number Eight – Kosmokoma (Indie)

Time for a dose of stoner metal by a band with a name that sounds like the menu in a cheap steakhouse, but which actually has an impressive pedigree. These boys famously won a battle of the bands contest in… Continue Reading →

Corbeaux – Hit The Head (S/R)

Interestingly this debut release from Swiss instrumental post metallers Corbeaux has been mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna) and that name drop gives you an inkling of where this band resides musically. It’d be unfair to say that the… Continue Reading →

Killbody Tuning – Hello! Welcome, So Far… (Hummus Records)

I am no stranger to the Hummus roster with the likes of Impure Wilhelmina, Coilguns, Red Kunz, NVRVD having releases in my collection, the label aims squarely at the experimental side of post rock or metal, whatever you want to… Continue Reading →

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