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Master – An Epiphany Of Hate (FDA Rekotz)

It’s always nice to be trusted to review bands like Master.  To me at least, it means the opinion of this jaded 44 year old metal head is actually, maybe, worth a toss. That’s what I kid myself anyway. But… Continue Reading →

Master – The Witchhunt (FDA-REKOTZ)

It’s been little over a year since Master unleashed their last, frankly excellent album ‘The New Elite’. In my review, I awarded that album a conservative score of 8/10 before nefariously getting it upped by half a mark (thanks, Ed!)…. Continue Reading →

Eugenic Death – Crimes Against Humanity (Heaven and Hell Records)

‘Crimes Against Humanity’ is this North Carolinian quartet’s debut album, having been preceded by by just one demo in 2011. For a new band, the press release certainly sets them up in distinguished fashion, drawing parallels with such luminaries as… Continue Reading →

Interview – Master

  Master: inspiration behind the name of US grind legends Terrorizer, and the UK magazine of the same name; covered by Napalm Death; forerunners of death metal. Is there any more that needs to be said? Well yes, there is… Continue Reading →

Master – The New Elite (Pulverised Records)

Paul Speckmann, mastermind (if you’ll excuse the pun) of Chicago’s Death Strike and Abomination, returns to blast the world with another exercise in old-school death metal; ‘The New Elite’ marking album number eleven for Master. Consisting of the same line-up… Continue Reading →

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