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KMFDM – Paradise (Metropolis)

It ain’t easy being a KMFDM fan. I looked back and realised I hadn’t bought a new album since 2009 and had missed about three somehow. This is something that has to be rectified as, well if ever there were… Continue Reading →

The King is Blind – Our Father (Cacophonous)

Well, that’s a way to kick off the year. This UK five-piece send the traditional post-Yuletide sluggishness screaming to the hills with a bruising yet razor-sharp attack of utterly bludgeoning material. The band often tag their own sound as ‘Monolothic… Continue Reading →

Atten Ash – The Hourglass (Hypnotic Dirge)

This debut album from North Carolina outfit Atten Ash originally was released independently in 2012. Now it gets some proper attention via Hypnotic Dirge records and well it should considering this band comprises of Barre Gambling of Daylight Dies along with… Continue Reading →

Victims of Creation – Symmetry of our Plagued Existence (Cyclone Empire)

With a title like this, it’s perhaps inevitable that the basic fare on offer is slow and sludgy doom. Malta’s Victims of Creation are an interesting band, having started out in 1992 but having a 13 year gap before re-starting… Continue Reading →

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