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Lychgate – Also Sprach Futura (Debemur Morti)

Assuming this was an album and the follow up to 2018’s 3rd full length ‘The Contagion In Nine Steps’ I got a bit of a surprise on downloading it to discover it was actually a 4 track EP and shorter… Continue Reading →

Fen – Stone and Sea (Eisenwald)

In honour of their region of origin, the EP “Stone and Sea” is “a tribute to the crumbling coastlines of Eastern England and the spirits that lie restless beneath the waters”. Incredibly this is Fen’s tenth release, including the first… Continue Reading →

Pantheist – Seeking Infinity (Melancholic Realm Productions)

It’s not just the music that can be slow and laborious as far as funeral doom is concerned but also the time waiting patiently for it to arrive. There’s no DIY grindcore approach here, one take, a quick thrash and… Continue Reading →

Towards Atlantis Lights – Dust Of Aeons (Transcending Obscurity)

Towards Atlantis Lights brings together members of various bands including Pantheist and Void Of Silence, who have crafted an album utilising experiences based on historic events. However, be under no illusion, this is no mere retrospective tale in the style… Continue Reading →

Esoteric – Esoteric Emotions: The Death Of Ignorance (Aesthetic Death)

Now this is a real relic and not that I want to make anyone feel old or anything but it was quarter of a century ago that we were first exposed to the hallucinatory musical trauma of Esoteric. I can’t… Continue Reading →

Wastes – Into The Void Of Human Vacuity (Code666)

I had only just managed to get to this one around the release date but had been eyeing it up for a while liking the sound of the scant description of it being “Extreme Funeral DOOM metal inspired by filth,… Continue Reading →

Doom Over London Part 3 – London Dome 27/3/16

It’s Easter Sunday and some thieving sod has gone and stolen an hour off us with the clocks going forward. Somehow people are here for the start of day 3 though and kicking it all off at 3PM are Landskap… Continue Reading →

Lychgate – An Antidote for the Glass Pill (Blood Music)

Now, who doesn’t appreciate a massive organ? Lychgate certainly do, as theirs takes centre stage for album number 2, ‘An Antidote for the Glass Pill’. While not wanting to sound dismissive and flippant, when a particular instrument plays such a… Continue Reading →

Torrens Conscientium – All Alone with the Thoughts (Solitude)

Sumptuous, billowing melodic doom here from this young Ukrainian outfit, ‘All Alone with the Thoughts’ is a surprisingly deft and mature debut. The album artwork, title and song titles may be a little bit floppy (‘Being Lonely’? Really?) but we… Continue Reading →

Voices – London (Candlelight)

London our city! The place we live whilst loving and loathing it in equal measure. Or is it equal? Maybe not as I think of the emotions and descriptors it best sums up in me. Fear, paranoia, agitation, disillusionment, schizophrenia,… Continue Reading →

Landskap – I (Iron Bonehead)

Normally this bonehead bangs fast and furiously with kvlt black metal of death in very limited formats but with Landskap they have something quite different and have got their doom, psyche and rock head on. If you live in London… Continue Reading →

Wijlen Wij – Coronachs Of The Ω (Solitude Productions)

The first few moments of opening song ‘Boreas’ make you think that with Wijlen Wij you’re in for some serious Skepticism worship as the organ swells with the riff and fills the room. But then the clean vocals come in… Continue Reading →

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