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Skulldriver – L.D.C. (Elitbolaget)

Firstly, what a fucking great name for a metal band…Skulldriver….fantastic stuff, up there with Parasitic Ejaculation, Anal Cunt and Cannibal Corpse in self determinism. Band names that evoke and accurately paint of picture as to what you’re likely to experience… Continue Reading →

Sworn Enemy – Game Changer (M-Theory Audio)

Championed and produced by Hardcore luminary Jamey Jasta , New York’s Sworn Enemy have drafted in Rob “opinion on everything” Flynn to twiddle the knobs on Game Changer. “Step the fuck back , before you get knocked out…..Step the fuck… Continue Reading →

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals – Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue (Season Of Mist)

Phil Anselmo could never be accused of lying idle. From angry young man in front of Pantera to genre defining Southern sludge masters, Down and alongside projects like Superjoint Ritual, his attention turned to a new wrecking crew: his very… Continue Reading →

Worselder – Paradigms Lost (S/R)

Groovers in the heart of the 90’s, well that strikes as a pretty good descriptive line to sum up this lot from the Pyrenees Mountain region of France. Just to clarify they play groove metal and it sounds very much… Continue Reading →

Malkavian – Annihilating The Shades (Finisterian Dead End)

Nantes based Malkavian have been kicking around for about 10 years. With an EP and their full length debut to their name, “Annihilating The Shades” is a release that finds the band ready to make their mark. They’ve had plenty… Continue Reading →

Monte Pittman – Inverted Grasp of Balance (Metal Blade)

Being a guitarist can be a tough career choice. If you’re ambitious and dedicated, practise your chops every day and refine your technique to the point of where you rival John Petrucci, you might get lucky, join a band and… Continue Reading →

Outright Resistance: Me vs. I (S/R)

Outright Resistance are a British Metalcore band with a gratuitous offering of groove laden undercurrents. Having formed in 2011, the five piece have been going from strength to strength, garnering a sizable reputation in both their musical work and their… Continue Reading →

Eviscerated Panda – So Far, So Good, So Panda (Sarah Tipper)

I doubt the author or anyone else for that matter expected the entrails of this particular panda to spread so far. Don’t run away if you are of a delicate disposition, this is not a report on a nasty Mondo… Continue Reading →

WeaksaW – The Wretched Of the Earth (Lifeforce)

Formed in Montpellier, France back in 2008 and influenced by bands ranging from Behemoth to The Deftones to Origin to Mogwai(?!), WeaksaW have a very different sound. With a very djent-heavy technical approach to metal, the five piece already have… Continue Reading →

Hedonist – The Collapse (Consouling Agency)

Belgium is churning out some serious metal bands at the moment, and those already from the lowlands of Western Europe certainly are making waves. Next up from there are Hedonist, a three piece thrash sounding, sludgy groove laden stoner rock… Continue Reading →

The Hangman’s Lament – Eye For An Eye (Thorzilla)

Dutch groove laden thrashers The Hangman’s Lament are an interesting bunch. Inspired by Norse mythology, in particular the tale of Odin hanging himself from a tree for a period of days to gain enlightenment, and using their time in previous… Continue Reading →

Lost Society – Braindead (Nuclear Blast)

Thrash is middle aged.  It is now the thirty year anniversary of what are considered by most the genres seminal releases. The acts that sweated over them both in the US and in Germany are still on the road and… Continue Reading →

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