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Throatsnapper – About the Dead (Consouling Sounds)

With a name like Throatsnapper you’d be well within your rights to expect either a volatile hard core punk band spitting out vitriolic lyrics, or at the very least an intimidating blackened death metal band that take devilish glee inflicting… Continue Reading →

Troll – Legend Master (Shadow Kingdom)

I was really impressed with Portland’s debut EP which eventually got released physically in this same label. Now with this next one, Troll have upped their game and entered the elite club of post civilisation doom. They have had many… Continue Reading →

Deadbird – III: The Forest Within the Tree (20 Buck Spin)

All that I have read, seen and heard recently about the American South has been synonymous with weird, backward ideas (to put it politely). It looks like the majority of the people there is trying very hard to undo some… Continue Reading →

Damnation Festival – Leeds University Union 4/11/17

As I approached the University Union in Leeds, on a cold November morning, I could feel the air of anticipation growing, for I was about to embark on the annual bonfire weekend extravaganza that is the Damnation Festival. There were… Continue Reading →

Pallbearer – Heartless (Nuclear Blast)

Having set a precedent for emotive doom metal with soaring riffs and heart rending vocals on their previous two albums, Pallbearer take a completely new direction with third full-length ‘Heartless’. Now signed to Nuclear Blast, the Little Rock four piece… Continue Reading →

Interview – Pallbearer

Pallbearer are an unusual act for their era – able to appeal to fans on all ends of the musical spectrum, while still retaining their own distinctive sound – the band were quickly propelled into the spotlight following the release… Continue Reading →

The Temple – Forevermourn (I Hate)

Candlemass, Solstice, Warning, Isole, Mirror Of Deception, Scald, Reverend Bizarre. When you see those bands cited as influences not only do you know the band has great taste, but also that they are drinking from the source and that you… Continue Reading →

Yob, Pallbearer & Bast – London Underworld 8/9/14

One of the most anticipated gigs of this year, given that all three bands have put out absolutely crushing releases in 2014 and have acquired legions of adoring fans within their respective careers. Despite the fact that this show is… Continue Reading →

Yob – Clearing the Path to Ascend (Neurot Recordings)

Doom is one of the few metal subgenres that are genuinely timeless; the pioneers that first started the genre, Black Sabbath and Pentagram, are still just as essential today as they were all those decades ago when they first started… Continue Reading →

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