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Deadrisen – S/T (AFM)

Here we have the debut from a new Metal band formed by Rivera/Bomma guitarist virtuoso Rod Rivera and technically minded bassist Mike LePond (Symphony X, Ross The Boss, Them, Midnight Eternal etc. etc.). There’s some serious musical talent within those… Continue Reading →

Northward – S/T (Nuclear Blast)

I reckon so many reviews of this album are going to start along the lines of “What would you expect from a project between guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad of Prog/Power Metal band Pagan’s Mind and virtuoso power vocalist supreme Floor… Continue Reading →

Exocrine – Unreal Existence (Great Dane)

This album belies the fact that it is this French band’s debut release. I was surprised to learn this after listening to “Unreal Existence”. Heavily progressive and specialising in technical and complex patterns, it has real purpose. Fire comes in… Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe – JC Sjiwa Club, Baarlo, Netherlands 2 to 4th October

“The UK plays no part in Europe”. There’s nothing newsworthy about that. There may have been no UK bands this time among the fourteen playing at the seventeenth edition of this annual festival, but Rene and his organising crew have… Continue Reading →

Nergard – A Bit Closer To Heaven (Battlegod)

I really thought that said Nerdgard! I know I’m not alone, you had to double check didn’t you? But before you think the name is some kind of visor for computers, or a bigger kid looking out for the brainy… Continue Reading →

Ramage Inc – Feel the Waves (SR)

I knew a lot of these songs after seeing Ramage Inc play at ProgPower Europe recently. Their performance was dynamic and their melodic metal songs had big, catchy hooks, so I had high hopes for this album. From the first… Continue Reading →

Nergard – Memorial for a Wish (Battlegod Productions)

The story of this concept album from Norway’s Nergard is that of an Irishman who in 1890 was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a burglary he did not commit. He is separated from his pregnant wife, who dies… Continue Reading →

Manic Opera – All That Matters (SR)

This is the second album by Australian prog rock band Manic Opera. The first was in 2002. Between 2006 and 2010, the band had a self-imposed gap. Maybe the effect of the time lapse prior to “All That Matters” would… Continue Reading →

Masterstroke – Broken (Dynamic Arts Records)

It’s always a good sign when you play a record and immediately put it on again when it’s finished. That’s what happened here, and not merely as a reviewer’s obligation. It’s not that this album is especially original or unique…. Continue Reading →

Threshold – March of Progress (Nuclear Blast)

Threshold may not need introduction. After all they are a long-standing band with a pedigree of eight albums prior to this one. Their music seems on the face of things to be straightforward, but the more you look into it,… Continue Reading →

Linear Sphere – Manvantara (SR)

Linear Sphere set themselves the ambitious task of tracing mankind’s journey through the ages. Ambitious is a good way to describe “Manvantara”, the band’s carefully constructed second album. The opener “Origin” is much more than a scene setter and musically… Continue Reading →

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