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Ozric Tentacles

Megaton Leviathan – Mage (Blood Music)

I have a question. Are we finally reaching the point in time where genres are pointless? I mean, sure classify something as Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, Jazz if you want but to break it down further is a little like… Continue Reading →

The Osiris Club – The Wine-Dark Sea (Indie)

It’s easy to write about an album that’s really good. It’s also easy to write about an album that’s really bad. It’s not so easy to write about an album that’s somewhere in the middle. The Wine-Dark Sea by London’s… Continue Reading →

Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand- What makes you Pray (WBR)

Transmission number 53 apparently from planet Der Blutharsch and these are becoming a bit of a regular thing since they discovered us. Not a problem, I am happy to waffle on about this Austrian lot’s odd musical cosmos. Their promo… Continue Reading →

Chester Hawkins – Natural Causes (Intangible Arts)

This is the strangest thing to turn up in a while here and was kindly sent in on vinyl and described as “a bit of soundtracky electric noises for possible review.” Composer Chester Hawkins is from Washington DC and has… Continue Reading →

Goblin Rebirth – S/T (Relapse)

The band that started life as Oliver, morphed into Cherry Five and then finally Goblin in the mid 70’s have certainly been through a confusing conundrum of stages and splinter groups since they fragmented in the early 80’s. The band… Continue Reading →

Anima Morte – Upon Darkened Stains (Transubstans)

Horror soundtrack music is really getting a massive resurgence at the moment. It’s partly due to Claudio Simonetti and his tireless gigging with his version of Goblin doing live shows accompanied by the Dario Argento films that they scored in… Continue Reading →

Kong – Stern (Kongenial)

It’s always a pleasure to have a new album from my favourite Dutch instrumentalists landing in my inbox. This one came completely out the blue as did their last couple, no blitz of press releases or massive build-up telling me… Continue Reading →

Djam Karet – The Trip (HC Productions)

From what I know of the writing staff of Ave Noctum, and such is the spread out geography that I’ve met surprisingly few of them, I guess I was the ideal candidate to review this album.  Whilst many of the… Continue Reading →

Kong – Merchants Of Air (Kongenial)

Instrumental bands, a bit of a turn off? A group who just cannot find a decent singer? A bit of a hipster fad from a band trying desperately to be in vogue? Well yes and no as so many get… Continue Reading →

Vali Ohm – 3000 Light Years (Casket)

Putting pre conceived notions gained from listening to loads of poor bands on this label aside I grabbed this album by the strange sounding Vali Ohm thinking that it might deliver the goods for once. After all the project is… Continue Reading →

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