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Dimholt – Epistēmē (S/R)

Now might be a good time to start noting all the countries our musical journeys take us to and see what places our reviews tick off come the end of the year. Even when we are in Europe some places… Continue Reading →

Tragediens Trone – S/T (Osmose)

Although it has been 13 years since this group released a demo they suddenly are signed to Osmose and are unleashing a debut album. Not bad really and there are reasons they are sitting comfortably on their throne of tragedy… Continue Reading →

NRVK – Thghtlss Lght (Van)

A member of NRVK once went on popular British quiz show Countdown and asked Carol Vorderman (it was an old-school episode) for a vowel and was told no! It obviously affected them seriously judging by their new EP release Thghtlss… Continue Reading →

Necros Christos – Domedon Doxomedon (Sepulchral Voice)

Can an album be too long? Arguably if you are a music fan then your attention span towards audio should be at least the same if not more than that of visual media, that said lengthy albums still seem to… Continue Reading →

NettleCarrier – NettleCarrier (Indie Recordings)

I admit that I was first drawn to this album simply down to the name; Nettlecarrier is a strange choice and, complete with the reputation of its members (we’re talking Dirge Rep, Mannevond and T. Ciekals) the hint was of… Continue Reading →

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