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Brimstone Coven – Black Magic (Metal Blade)

Brimstone Coven was not a band I was familiar with before receiving ‘Black Magic’, their second album and the first whilst signed to Metal Blade, but their sound was one that was instantly recognisable. From the first chord of the… Continue Reading →

Kadavar – Berlin (Nuclear Blast)

It is 2015 and people are panicking over Windows 10 and the Kardashians and what Facebook cause they should get behind this week. Right, feel that anxiety rising in your chest? Feel the need to get away from it all?… Continue Reading →

Orchid – Sign Of The Witch (Nuclear Blast)

This E.P. came my way just as the heatwave rolled over the UK and, really, you couldn’t have more apt timing: Whether they are treading their more doom lit path with their seventies style take on global realpolitik, indulging in… Continue Reading →

Valkyrie – Shadows (Relapse)

Heavy/stoner/doom could mean a lot of things in terms of musical references, but America’s (Virginia) Valkyrie are just that… Soaked in retro and vibe, based on the works of their previous outings, ‘Shadows’ can only be an improvement right? Damn… Continue Reading →

Blues Pills – S/T (Nuclear Blast)

If you’ve either followed this site, or for some unknown reason followed my mad ramblings, you’ll be well aware of the massive regard I hold for Blues Pills, having previously given glowing reviews for their EPs ‘Devil Man’ and ‘Live… Continue Reading →

Monolith – Dystopia (Final Gate)

Hailing from Bremen these boys are preparing to unleash their debut album on a world that has already had Sabbath worship aplenty over the last decade. This is more of the same. Opener Won’t Come Down is so Ozzy era… Continue Reading →

The Vintage Caravan – Voyage (Nuclear Blast)

There is only one depressing thing about this 3 piece Icelandic band’s second release. The band appear so young that it looks like if you added their ages together they would still be younger than me – and I’m 20… Continue Reading →

Blues Pills – Devil Man – Nuclear Blast

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is definitely something retro in the air at the moment.  Forget the Glastonbury attending NME trendoids who think “Old School” means something from the late nineties, there seems to be… Continue Reading →

Scorpion Child – ST (Nuclear Blast)

Damn me, but there must be something retro in the air these last 12 months or so.  Whilst the popular ‘metal’ press are continuing to push the latest pop punk puppets and kerrapp neck tattooed shouters with exotically styled heads… Continue Reading →

Orchid, Serpent Venom & Crystal Head – London Underworld 21/5/13

It’s back to the 70’s tonight and we could have been trooping into The Music Machine or The Rainbow to see some fresh new bands, reeking of patchouli and covered in beads. But no we were fuelled by beer rather… Continue Reading →

Bloody Hammers – ST (Soulseller Records)

Even if the (I assume) influenced by Roky Erickson name doesn’t give it away, Bloody Hammers are another in the now saturated Seventies psyche/doom scene. The plus side to this is that unlike say, the metalcore scene, so far there… Continue Reading →

Desertfest – London 6-8 April 2012 Part 1

Desertfest – London 6-8 April 2012  (Or ‘An Old Person Survives Three Days In The Desert) Day One: Despite being hardly adverse to the odd monumental riff and Spirit Caravan style fuzzed out bliss I kind of lost touch with that… Continue Reading →

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