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Omnium Gatherum

Kaleikr – Heart of Lead (Debemur Morti)

Iceland is home to a number of remarkably good bands, and here’s another in Kaleikr. Formed in 2016, this debut album is labelled as “black metal for fans of Opeth and Enslaved”. It’s evident from the beginning that “Heart of… Continue Reading →

Omnium Gatherum – The Burning Cold (Century Media)

Wow! While I’ve seen Omnium Gatherum a good few times and have a couple of their albums, I did not realise they have been around for 22 years already and that this is their eighth album. Granted, there have been… Continue Reading →

Unreal Overflows – Latent (Great Dane)

I’m not normally bothered about band names but I have to say that this year so far the quality of some of the names has impressed me more than the albums I’ve heard. First there was Questionable Blood Pressure. Now… Continue Reading →

Tribulation – Down Below (Century Media)

Maybe it’s a Swedish thing, but Tribulation struck me as a strange bunch when I saw them live. They were energetic, creative and interesting in a darkly melodic and progressive way. I liked their album “Children of the Night” (2015),… Continue Reading →

Angel Nation – Aeon (Inner Wounds Recordings)

A while ago I found myself enjoying an album called ‘Tears of Lust’ by a little known band called EnkeliNation, and this opinion was later reinforced by strong showings at the Bloodstock and Dames of Darkness festivals. Fast forward to… Continue Reading →

Dawn Of Disease – Ascension Gate (Napalm)

The follow up to the 2016 release “Worship the Grave” sees Osnabrück’s Melodic Death Metallers, Dawn Of Disease return once again to bring riffs, harmonies and growls in an effort to give those pesky Scandinavian’s a run for their money… Continue Reading →

A Flourishing Scourge – S/T (Begotten Records)

Eight “dynamic and ferocious” songs are promised on this debut from Seattle-based extreme progressive metallers A Flourishing Scourge. I’d agree there’s a degree of ferocity and extremity, and progressiveness in the way that breathless passages are taken in different directions…. Continue Reading →

Hybrid Sheep – Hail To The Beast (Tenacity Music)

This curiously named band from France has been around for nearly a decade releasing a decent debut in 2014 that had a modern death metal style coupled to metalcore very slightly due to the riffing style and vocals. The band’s… Continue Reading →

Downfall of Gaia – Atrophy (Century Media)

I saw Downfall of Gaia headlining in 2015. It caught me out a bit as I didn’t really know the band but did find their murky representations interesting. A gloomy tone, accompanied by hard-hitting and indistinct screams, welcome us to… Continue Reading →

Barishi – Blood from the Lion’s Mouth (Season of Mist)

Barishi as a band were completely new to me before I listened to this album, their second full release. In case you’re like me and didn’t know about them, they’re from the USA, and describe their style as “gritty progressive… Continue Reading →

Omnium Gatherum – Grey Heavens (Lifeforce)

Uhm, wow! This is Omnium Gatherum’s seventh album, I have their fifth album from 5 years ago after seeing them live back then, but hadn’t actually realised they’d been around for 20 years now and had such a body of… Continue Reading →

Orpheus Omega – Partum Vita Mortem (Kolony Records)

With two albums under their belt and a fast rising stock which has enabled them to support the likes of Dark Tranquility, Children of Bodom and Korpiklaani, Aussie melodic death metal merchants Orpheus Omega have a very Scandinavian feel about… Continue Reading →

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