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Cave In – Final Transmission (Hydra Head)

Cave In are one of those bands that have managed to divide and confound opinion over the course of their almost 25 years existence as a band from both positive and negative perspectives. With feet in numerous camps from a… Continue Reading →

Lost In Kiev – Persona (Pelagic Records)

Parisians, Lost In Kiev, return with this their third full length effort that see’s the band step off their well-trodden path of long form epic stanzas of alt/math rock mini operas and segue into shorter more direct songs. It feels… Continue Reading →

Bellrope – You Must relax (Exile On Mainstream)

Aaaaaargh! Sometimes you need a little petrol thrown on a fire. Bellrope who rose from the ashes of Black Shape of Nexus (yeah I stole that from the PR blurb –fight me!) are dropping their debut “You Must Relax”. They… Continue Reading →

Cavalera Conspiracy – Pandemonium (Napalm)

This is a project which needs no introduction. It is the third offering from the reunification of the Brazilian thrash metal rhythm section which churned classic albums like “Arise”, “Chaos A.D” and “Roots”. Igor and Max, now on good terms,… Continue Reading →

Asidefromaday – Chasing Shadows (Division Records)

I always approach these band names that comprise of several words condensed down to one with great caution. They quite often have an ‘x’ bordering each side of the moniker but this one did not, it just had an angry,… Continue Reading →

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