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Wiegedood, Shrines & Jøtnarr – London Black Heart 22/5/18

You could tell this was going to be a busy gig, just before the doors opened the queue snaked down the stairs, across the downstairs bar area and practically out the door. Luckily we all just about managed to fit… Continue Reading →

Iron Monkey, Sigiriya and Iron Duke – London Underworld 14/4/18

The return of Iron Monkey to recorded format was something that was never particularly expected after the tragic early death of original howler Johnny Morrow in 2002. Many detractors were not at all happy about any form of reformation without… Continue Reading →

SepticFlesh, Inquisition & Stahlsarg – London Underworld 22/1/18

SepticFlesh do not exactly play the UK very often and with just the London date and Inquisition joining as co-headliners this was always going to be a busy one. It would have been very interesting to see Egyptian band Odious… Continue Reading →

Batushka, Schammasch, Trepaneringsritualen – London Islington Assembly Hall 14/1/18

Well it really is a weekend of rituals in London what with Watain on Friday and this tonight and it’s another sell out show gathering the throngs together on a chilly Sunday night. Yes an outsider may take one look… Continue Reading →

Vulture Industries, Code and Talanas – London Boston Arms 9/11/17

A night of eccentricity and avant-garde flair here brings the freaks out to party both on and off stage Dressed for the occasion in sporting ‘fine tailoring’ first up we have a return from English gents Talanas. It’s been a… Continue Reading →

Archgoat, Bölzer, Svartidaudi, Eggs of Gomorrh – London Underworld 3/10/17

Anyone up for a ‘Continental Crucifixion’, just put your hands up. Oh I see they already are. The old ones are the best and this line up is certainly a cracking one, speaking of which how do you like them… Continue Reading →

Winterfylleth, Wiegedood & Necronautical – London Boston Arms 28/9/17

Well those ten years went quickly and tonight Winterfylleth are celebrating a decade of existence since 1st unleashing their Rising Of The Winter Full Moon demo back in 2007. They have played a few dates in Europe and are back… Continue Reading →

Nifelheim, Craven Idol & Funeral Throne – London Underworld 26/5/17

There’s a bit of a back-story to this show. If you were not aware the Bröderna Hårdrock Gustavsson bros from Nifelheim are Iron Maiden fans and that’s putting it mildly. They are what you can only describe as absolutely fanatical… Continue Reading →

King Dude, Sol Invictus, Of The Wand And Moon – London Underworld 11/4/17

I had been looking forward to this one having never seen King Dude and loving his albums. Excellent supports made this a huge draw too and it was nice to actually go to a mellow show for a change and… Continue Reading →

Primordial, Fen & Crom Dubh – London Underworld 31/3/17

It seems like every band under the sun is playing at the moment. Scotland looks to be the place to be this weekend with not 1 but 2 stellar one day festivals on and indeed the hardiest at this show… Continue Reading →

Asphyx, Decrepid & NahemiA – London Underworld 25/3/17

There are no shortage of extreme Polish bands that have washed up on our shores and tonight’s proceedings kick off with one NahemiA now based in London. They may well be a black metal band on an otherwise death metal… Continue Reading →

Shining, Taake and Slegest – London Underworld 4/12/16

Although not a great idea slating some of our potential readership it has to be said that some so called “extreme music fans” are whiny ass bitches with a massive sense of self-entitlement and tonight just proved this. Firstly it… Continue Reading →

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