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Old Corpse Road

And Now The Owls Are Smiling – The Comforting Grip Of Misery (Clobber Records)

I first came across the curiously named And Now The Owls Are Smiling, the project of Norfolk based Nre, while delving down the rabbit hole of UKBM and finding his first album Despair and was rather taken by his atmospheric… Continue Reading →

Skyforger, Old Corpse Road, Cadence Noir – Manchester Rebellion 21/3/19

Manchester’s Rebellion venue is rapidly becoming something of a second home for me and on this occasion I trekked across the Pennines once more, this time to bear witness to Skyforger and their raid upon our fair shores. Unfortunately an… Continue Reading →

Runagaderung: The Runic Gathering – The Fulford Arms York 23/02/19

Well rested and well fed, my host Ross and myself went to watch Vikings and Saxons march through York and then batter each other with lumps of metal outside the Castle Museum. Seemed a perfect way to prepare for the… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – The Venue, Selby, 21-23/9/17 Part 2

Friday 22/9 Ah, the first full day session, and a bright day in Selby. Fed and watered we arrived to a slight delay due to Petrichor sadly having to pull out because of personnel issues. So first up we had… Continue Reading →

Old Corpse Road, Stahlsarg, Mountains Crave – Leeds, The Fenton 30/7/17

This triple bill of black metal covered a wide spectrum within the genre that began with local act Mountains Crave who have made huge improvements musically since I last saw them converting their wealth of live experience into this accomplished… Continue Reading →

Shadowflag – The Delusion Machine (S/R)

Gloucestershire based UKBM band Shadowflag are new to me although they have released two independent albums prior to this one and seem to be playing some pretty good shows including the upcoming Carpathian Alliance Festival in The Ukraine and The… Continue Reading →

Old Corpse Road – Of Campfires And Evening Mists (Cacophonous)

Cacophonous? Really? That brought a wry smile to my face when the long awaited by me second album from this Darlington quintet finally arrived. For a band who have previously worn their Cradle Of Filth influences firmly on their longsleeves… Continue Reading →

Northern Oak, Eibon la Furies, Old Corpse Road – Sheffield Corporation 5/3/16

This gig marked the end of an era, having been announced as the farewell show for Sheffield’s own Northern Oak, purveyors of English Folk Metal since 2006. The evening promised to be an emotional affair for the band and fans… Continue Reading →

Gods of War – Tales from the Dark Lands (S/R)

This is a band from Liverpool that has a wealth of influences, but mainly falls into the black/folk and sometimes thrash category. The opener ‘Fornost’ is a raspy rendition of many early UK black metal bands, with clear influences coming… Continue Reading →

Warhorns Festival – York The Duchess 27-28/9/13

Friday 27/09/13 There can be few cities more appropriate to host a festival of predominantly pagan/Viking metal than the place that previously was named Jorvik (and before that Eboracum), and there it’s a beautiful bright day to greet us too…. Continue Reading →

Warseid – Where Fate Lies Unbound (SR)

Some people like to be noticed and considering the large, hideously expensive to post box file that this CD and bio arrived in Warseid are amongst them. The CD also sported a cover and insert whose quality puts quite a… Continue Reading →

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