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October Falls – A Fall of an Epoch (Purity Through Fire)

October Falls are a longstanding black metal band from Finland, founded by Mikko Lehto in 2001. A one-man project in its beginnings, the band quickly expanded to a full band line up. Today, its three members can look back on… Continue Reading →

Barren Earth – A Complex Of Cages (Century Media)

It doesn’t seem like it’s already been 3 years since they released ‘On Lonely Towers’, but that could be more about the fact that for some reason or other I tend to leave my Barren Earth discography on the USB… Continue Reading →

The Howling Void – The Darkness At The Edge Of Dawn (Avantgarde Music)

Ryan Wilson is the man behind USA act The Howling Void and I have delved into a couple of their 6 albums in the past. He’s a busy chap, also involved in other bands such as Intestinal Disgorge (who I… Continue Reading →

Lustre – Still Innocence (Nordvis)

If I’ve read this right, this album is an antidote to the valueless world we live in, and a return to a world of innocence, if such a thing existed of course. The therefore appropriately titled “Still Innocence” is Sweden’s… Continue Reading →

October Falls – Kaarna (Debemur Morti)

October Falls’ work has always been close to nature. In more recent times, ambient reflection has given way to harshness and fire. “Kaarna” however harks back to acoustic days, giving us an “assemblage from nature mysticism, a sonic walk in… Continue Reading →

Barren Earth – The Devil’s Resolve (Peaceville)

Finlandia, oh how you are spoiling us. Having just about recovered from the excellent new Swallow The Sun album in February, barely a breath can be drawn before more atmospheric gloom and doom is served up by Barren Earth, who… Continue Reading →

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