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Vintersea – Illuminated (M-Theory Audio)

Even though this super-talented American band are new to me, this is actually their second release, which I am assured follows on perfectly from their previous album released in 2017. To be fair, there is so much variation and melded… Continue Reading →

Epica, Myrkur, Oceans Of Slumber – Manchester Ritz, 12/4/18

I enter the Ritz to a half empty floor and hoped that the crowd would swell in order to show Epica the support they rightly deserve. Oceans Of Slumber opened up the night and had a sleek and limited set… Continue Reading →

Oceans Of Slumber – The Banished Heart (Century Media)

Pretty much exactly 2 years and 2 days since the release of their second album, Houston based Oceans Of Slumber have worked hard to get their third album completed, persevering through internal and family struggles to get it all done…. Continue Reading →

Damnation Festival – Leeds University Union 5/11/16

Black clad hordes descending on the Union building of Leeds University, sending unsuspecting students running for cover can only mean one thing – Damnation Festival! This was the 12th consecutive annual incarnation of this one day festival, showcasing the best home… Continue Reading →

Volker – S/T EP (Kaotoxin)

Not much to go on here, just a CD with no details at all and under 12 minutes of music. Luckily the label had told us what they had sent over in a list and we were able to fill… Continue Reading →

My Dying Bride, Oceans Of Slumber & 40 Watt Sun – London Islington Assembly Hall 31/3/16

More doom, I must be mad but the headliners have not played in some time and are one of the only bands that would have got me out tonight after Doom Over London. We are in the posher part of… Continue Reading →

Universe217 – Change (Ván)

It’s good to see that metal is finally moving away from what has become a bit of a well-worn cliché, the female operatic singer. Not that I’m not partial to the odd bit of Floor, Tarja or Liv, but come… Continue Reading →

Oceans of Slumber – Winter (Century Media)

Like most, I’d never heard of Oceans of Slumber either, but the blurb I was sent said they had done a Candlemass cover, so I was intrigued enough to give them a listen. Now the aforementioned cover isn’t on this… Continue Reading →

Oceans Of Slumber – Aetherial (Self-released)

Planets on album covers. They are becoming as familiar as bands labelling themselves “progressive” to mean forward-thinking rather than the retro-minded souls that you might expect them to be. Houston’s Oceans Of Slumber mean it in the sense that they… Continue Reading →

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