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Tony Tears – Demons Crawl At Your Side (Minotauro Records)

Since covering the extensive three and a half hour boxed set ‘Music From The Astral Worlds (2000-2014)’ I seem to have adopted Tony Tears for review duties as well as picking up Abysmal Grief, a project that he and fellow… Continue Reading →

Bloody Hammers – Lovely Sort of Death (Napalm)

Since they first appeared on the scene, Transylvania’s own Bloody Hammers have been producing a consistently excellent series of some of the finest records you could hope to find, firstly on SoulSeller Records before being signed to the ever growing… Continue Reading →

Sink – Ark Of Contempt And Anger (Svart)

Marked up as psychic AOR, Sink’s latest offering is far more subversive than that initial description suggests. It is, after all, an exploration into the reasons behind man’s very existence, deconstructing his own self-awareness – pure waffle or a valuable… Continue Reading →

Nocturnal – ST (Gaphals Records)

With the recent rise in popularity of late 60’s/early 70’s retro doom/occult rock or whatever you want to call it we have Sweden’s Nocturnal throwing down the gauntlet and throwing a few cats among pigeons. To me this gem of… Continue Reading →

Osoka – Osoka (Slow Burn Records)

Little of it seems to reach our Western senses, but there really is a veritable hotbed of doom and drone down in the remote and impossibly vast country of Russia. Maybe it’s the humidity of the cities or the often… Continue Reading →

Blood Ceremony – The Eldritch Dark (Rise Above)

Two of the finest bands of their ilk Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth are both poised on releasing new albums within a couple of weeks of each other so if you are a fan of female fronted, occult doom you… Continue Reading →

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