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Night Demon - Darkness Remains (SPV)

Night Demon – Darkness Remains (SPV)

I have been a long-time supporter of this band, so with album number 2 up for grabs, it’s a no brainer for me to review this, no surprise to those who know me. This American band have toured for what seems forever over the past.. Read More
Cloven Hoof - Who Mourns For The Morning Star (High Roller)

Cloven Hoof – Who Mourns For The Morning Star (High Roller)

Cloven Hoof have worked hard over the last 12-13 years re-affirming their place as legendary having been a part of the original NWOBHM movement. All classic material is well revered, having reformed and released a couple of releases in 2006 with ‘Eye of the Sun’.. Read More
Lucifer’s Chalice - The Pact (S/R)

Lucifer’s Chalice – The Pact (S/R)

Featuring members of Uncoffined and Winds of Genocide, this band from Durham in the North East of England provide 4 sinister heavy metal tracks in line with the NWOBHM, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar and very early Mercyful Fate. The aura around the recording is vintage.. Read More
Speed Kills - Volume VII (Music for Nations)

Speed Kills – Volume VII (Music for Nations)

It’s a welcome return for this legendary record label, in the late 80’s I used to religiously buy anything on this label (and sub-label Under One Flag) simply because the quality was pretty damn good, I mean they did have Metallica, Exodus, Agent Steel, WASP.. Read More
Quartz - Fear No Evil (High Roller)

Quartz – Fear No Evil (High Roller)

One of the things to be genuinely treasured about the NWOBHM is the number of bands that have soldiered (pun intended) on or quietly slipped out of retirement now the kids have grown up. It’s both a sobering reminder that there never was any money.. Read More
Soldier, Seven Sisters, Kaine - Hatfield The Rock Den 29/10/16

Soldier, Seven Sisters, Kaine – Hatfield The Rock Den 29/10/16

The Rock Den in Hatfield is a great venue with a fantastic sound system, but it’s been a while since I’ve attended a gig there. With Soldier announcing a break to concentrate on other activities for a while, I really made sure I made the.. Read More
Slegest – Vidsyn (Dark Essence)

Slegest – Vidsyn (Dark Essence)

I Fortida Sitt Lis starts up and after the storm sample it winds up on a riff that sounds pretty much like Hawkwind playing black metal. Welcome to the world of Slegest; a curious and determinedly individual take on black metal created by Ese when.. Read More
Tygers Of Pan Tang – S/T (Mighty Music)

Tygers Of Pan Tang – S/T (Mighty Music)

I wonder how many Tygers reviews in the last 20 years have started with the reviewer banging on about their past glories and how much they liked their early 80’s NWOBHM albums (my fave is “Spellbound” just for the record…). It must sometimes bug the.. Read More
Seven Sisters – S/T (High Roller)

Seven Sisters – S/T (High Roller)

This is an album I have been waiting for what seems like ages. There’s two or three bands I have found from their infancy from the UK, Amulet and Dark Forest namely, Seven Sisters are another band who literally blew me away when I first.. Read More
Grim Reaper - Walking in the Shadows (Dissonance Productions)

Grim Reaper – Walking in the Shadows (Dissonance Productions)

Since reforming in 2006, I have been privy to a couple of excellent live shows by this band, featuring the well renowned singer Steve Grimmett. This is the first recording from the band since that reformation, in fact their first since ‘Rock You to Hell’.. Read More
Tortuga - Pirate's Bride (S/R)

Tortuga – Pirate’s Bride (S/R)

Ah-haaar me hearties, splice the main-brace, shiver me timbers, bury the booty and send Woodleg Willy over here to give me a jolly Roger. Yes, once more we set sail under the most contrived of metal sub-genres since Vondur tried to invent Star Wars black.. Read More
Castle – Welcome To The Graveyard (Ván)

Castle – Welcome To The Graveyard (Ván)

A couple of months ago at the pub, a friend broke an unwritten rule of the table by pulling out their smart phone to display an online piece they’d seen. Now, had it been some sleepy kitten or puppy falling over video, said person would.. Read More