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Deathrite – Nightmares Reign (Century Media)

YES! A decent, old school death metal album lands in my filthy box which was much needed after I appeared to upset the whole of Belgium with my review of the Moss Upon The Skull album the other day. I… Continue Reading →

Warfist / Excidium – Laws Of Perversion And Filth (Godz Ov War Productions)

I was lucky enough to get hold of the album “Metal To The Bone” by Polish leather & stud enthusiasts Warfist last year and it couldn’t have had a more appropriate title so when the opportunity arose to write about… Continue Reading →

Necrovorous – Plains Of Decay (Dark Descent Records)

The drummer’s called …. “Shit Eater”. I could leave it right there really. But no, I’ll soldier on with this review of the second (NOT sophomore Stu) full-length of these Athens based death metallers. According to the promo blurb, Mr… Continue Reading →

Warfist – Metal To The Bone (Godz Ov War Productions)

Warfist. I won’t lie, not being familiar with the band the first image that came into my head was a load of spotty inadequates, smelling of TCP sat round a table throwing dice and moving miniature wizards about. But no…. Continue Reading →

Midnight – Shox Of Violence (Hells Headbangers)

Midnight. A one man nasty, sleazy, blackened, blasphemous thrash band from the apparent spiritual home of dirty metal – Cleveland, Ohio. If you’re not familiar with Midnight already, think Venom playing Motorhead covers while smashed on JD, beer and a… Continue Reading →

Deathgasm – Jason Lei Howden (Studiocanal)

A heavy metal horror film, should be right up our street. However past experiences of the limited sub-genre have proved this is not necessarily going to be the case. The problem being \\\metal/// per-se sets itself up for ridicule and… Continue Reading →

Gravewurm – Doomed To Eternity (Hells Headbangers)

Since 1991 Gravewurm have been cranking out some of the dirtiest blackened deathly thrash out there.  With a discography of EPs and splits of near Nunslaughter proportions this prolific Ohio based outfit are one of the longest running cult bands… Continue Reading →

Bonehunter – Evil Triumphs Again (Hells Headbangers)

Not in fact the latest dating app, Bonehunter are a filthy sounding metal-punk & roll crew from Olou, Finland. They’ve been around since 2011 and this is their first full length amongst a history of splits & singles. So what’s… Continue Reading →

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