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Nuclear Blast

Soilwork – Verkligheten (Nuclear Blast)

You wouldn’t think that Soilwork could add much to their twenty year portfolio. The sound, aggression and melodic level have transformed subtly over the years but I think most people who know Soilwork have a certain expectation. Well let me… Continue Reading →

Nailed To Obscurity – Black Frost (Nuclear Blast)

Contrary to their moniker, this German five piece have been plucked from obscurity to release their fourth album with considerable fanfare, after impressing on the European live circuit in recent years. Comparisons have already been made to the early works… Continue Reading →

Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods (Nuclear Blast)

Any fan of metal knows exactly what they’re getting when it comes to a Kataklysm album and their impressive 12th release Of Ghosts and Gods is no exception. The groove heavy riffs, thunderous blast beats and Maurizio Iacono’s signature growls,… Continue Reading →

Sylosis – Dormant Heart (Nuclear Blast)

My first encounter with Sylosis was when I reviewed their 2006 EP ‘Casting Shadows’, but must admit that I don’t recall seeing much of them in the 9 years since, even though they have released 4 full length albums in… Continue Reading →

Albums Of The Year 2014

  Pete Woods What a year as far as music was concerned, even if everything else is pretty much shit it is the tonic that keeps us going through it all and there has been no shortage of choice. It… Continue Reading →

The German Panzer – Send them all to Hell (Nuclear Blast)

When three Teutonic metal legends unite in a Swiss nightclub to create a power trio which suddenly takes the European Metal Scene by storm, you know you have something special on your hands. With one part Destruction and two parts… Continue Reading →

Devilment – The Great And Secret Show (Nuclear Blast)

Formed by guitarist Daniel Finch, Devilment have been in existence since 2011 and gained a fair bit of buzz about 18 months back when it was announced that Dani Filth would be joining as the vocalist. Now, I’m not the… Continue Reading →

Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast (Nuclear Blast)

Some time around 2007 you couldn’t go anywhere without some  dude wearing a Municipal Waste shirt thinking he/she looked cool and sporting the latest in fashion metal as the band was everywhere, adorning front covers of mags and getting rave… Continue Reading →

Overkill – The Electric Age (Nuclear Blast Records)

Overkill have always been a thrash band that presents a no nonsense approach to their recorded output, ‘The Electric Age’ sits perfectly alongside their last release ‘Ironbound’ and also many a classic Overkill album like ‘Horroscope’, and even relatively recent… Continue Reading →

Rage – 21 (Nuclear Blast)

Closing in now on nearly 30 years in the business, Rage’s influence has spread far and wide. Having perfected their brand of Teutonic power metal, many bands of a similar ilk and persuasion have taken their direction from the energetic… Continue Reading →

Battle Beast – Interview

Battle Beast are a highly charged, pedal to the metal, traditional metal band from Finland. Things have been pretty much a whirlwind couple of years for this young talented group of artists. Since winning Wacken’s metal battle in 2010, they… Continue Reading →

Psycroptic – The Inherited Repression

Artist: Psycroptic Title: The Inherited Repression Type: Album Label: Nuclear Blast   The prolific, brutal yet technical death metal maestros from Down Under return with their fifth full length album. For those unfamiliar with the band, Psycroptic are the epitome… Continue Reading →

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