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Novembers Doom – Nephilim Grove (Prophecy Productions)

I always scratch my head when a band has a month in their name and releases an album at a different time of year completely, might just be me but doom in November from Novembers Doom is at least playing… Continue Reading →

The Kahless Clone – Our Never-Ending Loneliness (S/R)

For some reason the last couple of November’s Doom albums didn’t seem to hit our radar, shame as I have always quite liked the band ‘The Pale Haunt Departure’ 2005 being a particular favourite. The reason I am mentioning this… Continue Reading →

Nachtterror / Altars Of Grief – Of Ash And Dying Light (Hypnotic Dirge)

This split showcases two Canadian bands, both have certain similarities and are particularly bonded in blood by the talents of guitarist Saint Wikk aka Erik Laboissiere who is guitarist and backing vocalist in both. There are plenty of differences between… Continue Reading →

Daylight Dies – The Candlelight Years (Candlelight)

Considering they formed way back in 1996 it was a surprise to realise that Carolinians Daylight Dies have only released four albums over their extensive career. Obviously they are a band to take their sweet time at things. This re-issue… Continue Reading →

The Kahless Clone – An Endless Loop (S/R)

I happen to know that the name of this project has something to do with Star Trek, not due to the fact that I’m a totally sad sci-fi geek but due to someone I knew who named their son after… Continue Reading →

Atten Ash – The Hourglass (Hypnotic Dirge)

This debut album from North Carolina outfit Atten Ash originally was released independently in 2012. Now it gets some proper attention via Hypnotic Dirge records and well it should considering this band comprises of Barre Gambling of Daylight Dies along with… Continue Reading →

Dantalion – Where Fear Is Born (Sleaszy Rider)

Album number five from Spaniards Dantalion and my first encounter with them. Apparently the band started as a black metal act but over the years have defined their sound and moved on to play a blend of atmospheric death doom…. Continue Reading →

Officium Triste – Mors Viri (Hammerheart)

To my shame, I’ve not heard any Officium Triste until now, despite  this being the Dutch crews fifth full length album. I’d seen the name about here and there, but had pretty much written them off on the grounds that… Continue Reading →

Daylight Dies – A Frail Becoming (Candlelight)

Anyone playing atmospheric doom / death finds it really hard to be completely original and stepping out of the confines of that unholy Peaceville trinity will always be difficult. A certain Swedish troupe aside there is a lot of repetition… Continue Reading →

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