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Widows – Oh Deer God  (UMC Recordings)

Widows – Oh Deer God (UMC Recordings)

One of the joys of this reviewing lark is getting sent music that you would not normally come across, bands that may support your favourite acts on a local rather than tour level that escape your radar arriving on your doormat care of a hard.. Read More
RID - Lightning Wheel (White Horse Records)

RID – Lightning Wheel (White Horse Records)

Black metal has evolved from its origins. It’s a natural state of affairs as people come to it and reinterpret what they hear. Its managed some limited commercial success, crawled into one man bedroom bands, had its clothes stolen by post-rock bands who previously had.. Read More
Arx Atrata – Spiritus In Terra (S/R)

Arx Atrata – Spiritus In Terra (S/R)

Debut album Oblivion seemingly came from out of nowhere at the beginning of 2014 and pretty much blew me away. Looking back at the review I had little information to go on at the time as the band were not revealing much at all wanting.. Read More
Akarusa Yami - Heavy Climb (S/R)

Akarusa Yami – Heavy Climb (S/R)

Nottingham based five piece Akarusa Yami have had a lot of attention around them over the past few years. Having played BOA twice as well as securing a slot at Trondheim Metal Fest, the progressive influenced technical metal band certainly do seem to have things.. Read More
Evil Scarecrow – Galactic Hunt (S/R)

Evil Scarecrow – Galactic Hunt (S/R)

There is sometimes a load of old shite talked about “guilty pleasures”, with dyed in the wool serious musos talking about the “guilty pleasure” of liking music that is anything less than underground and as kvlt as fuck.  Well firstly, I don’t feel guilty about.. Read More
Twilight's Embrace - By Darkness Undone (S/R)

Twilight’s Embrace – By Darkness Undone (S/R)

Doom is great. Long live Doom – a metal subgenre that somehow seems to be impervious to the constant re-invention and `trendifying’ that other subgenres have to put up with. Doom bands just seem to do what they do, regardless of whether it will ever.. Read More
Arx Atrata – Oblivion (SR)

Arx Atrata – Oblivion (SR)

I like the band name, it just rolls off the tongue and kind of types from the keyboard in the same fashion. As for further information there is not a fantastic amount more I can tell you as the letter accompanying the disc points out.. Read More