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Taake / Whoredom Rife – Pakt (Terratur Possessions)

These two bands have signed a musical ‘pakt’ and have been fellow Norsemen entwined on their separate journeys for some time. Like Hoest, V. Einride is a multi-instrumentalist who composes all his group’s material although is joined by ex Bloodthorn… Continue Reading →

Nexorum – Death Unchained (Non Serviam Records)

Coming across as somewhat of a Norwegian black metal super group comprising members of Keep Of Kalessin, Khonsu, Vecordius, plus a couple of others, the talent on offer is without doubt. Fans of the Norwegian extreme metal scene got a… Continue Reading →

Vredehammer – Viperous (Indie Recordings)

With each release this Norwegian act has unleashed there has always been something different, a twist to keep fans engaged, but it is fair to say that this third album offers something above and beyond all previous sonic constructions. That… Continue Reading →

The Good the Bad and the Zugly – Algorithm and Blues (Fysisk Format)

I am a new convert to The Good the Bad and the Zugly.  A great friend of mine insisted I stuck some on about 6 weeks back and I liked what I heard.  These Norwegian punks recently received a Spelleman (Norwegian Grammy)… Continue Reading →

Tulus – Old Old Death (Soulseller)

Much like any genre or scene everything eventually gets flooded. It’s easy to see why and how, when people start paying attention to their local music scene then the passion grows and more and more people start to form bands,… Continue Reading →

Ihsahn – Telemark (Candlelight)

It’s been a couple of years since we last heard from Ihsahn with last album Àmr and it seems his plans for 2020 are to release a couple of 5 track EP’s dedicated to his home country. As he is… Continue Reading →

Nattverd – Styggdom (Osmose)

Black metal, Bergen, Norway, this Nattverd’s second album. Piercing screams, dirty riffs, violence …. and so the album begins with “Slakt dem, der de loeper hoedenloese rundt ballet”. It attacks and marches. The echoing roars continue. Maybe my antenna is… Continue Reading →

Atena – Drowning Regret and Lungs Filled with Water (Indie Recordings)

An Oslo quartet that are purported to blend influences from hip hop and classical composers into their metalcore. Now that final genre often sends me running but there is something about the bands logo of a giant inverted cross with… Continue Reading →

Sylvaine & Unreqvited – Time Without End (Prophecy Productions)

On the one hand, this is an unlikely pairing, but on the other it makes perfect sense and I know this is a bold statement but I don’t recall a split release ever being this coherent or synergistic. ‘Time Without… Continue Reading →

Mortiis – Spirit Of Rebellion (Omnipresent / Dead Seed Productions)

Just for the record, I like goblins. Whereas the orcs and stuff get all the bad guy praise, poor little goblins are like the weird kid everyone picks on in the school yard. So hurrah for goblinses! Ahem. Sorry. Anyway… Continue Reading →

Svarttjern – Shame Is Just A Word (Soulseller)

It might be a new year but it’s still winter, long may it reign! For in the colder months my lust for Black Metal grows. I’m like a Corpse-painted hibernating animal who only emerges to the sound of Battles In… Continue Reading →

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