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Taake / Deathcult – Jaertegn (Edged Circle)

Having made a Pakt with Whoredom Rife recently now it is time for a Portent with Deathcult. The modus-operandi of this split release is the same, two tracks each including a cover song. Released on special 10-inch vinyl and I… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg Baby – Genocidal Sextasy (Cloister Recordings)

What a time to be alive, the pubs are re-opening on this very day after being shut for several months. The world continues to churn and vomit out its soul and we can go, get a pint and a packet… Continue Reading →

Arabs In Aspic – Madness And Magic (Karisma)

Trondheim veterans Arabs In Aspic have been the standard bearers for the retro-rock and classic prog stylings in Norway for the past 15 or so years. With a big musical focus on making their sound and approach sound like an… Continue Reading →

Vreid – In the Mountains of Sognametal – Livestream 13/6/20

Once again I find myself sitting down to a livestream, yearning for the return of live music. My experience of these events has been mixed thus far, but Vreid were about to blow all that out of the water. This… Continue Reading →

Airbag – A Day at the Beach (Karisma Records)

This is the Norwegian prog trio’s fifth album. Lyrically, we’re told, “A Day at the Beach” is about a man “leaving his family behind into an unknown future. It’s the contrast between the desperate individual struggling to survive and people… Continue Reading →

The Opium Cartel – Valor (Apollon Records)

The description of this as art rock and synth pop may not be to everyone’s liking, and I’m not entirely sure it’s to mine, but like all music, it’s about the quality of production, the experience and the connection, so… Continue Reading →

Enevelde – Enevelde (Terratur Possessions)

At the helm of this solo project is Norwegian multi-instrumentalist B. Kråbøl who also has another project called Misotheist that I’m not familiar with but has a single self-titled album released in 2018. It appears Mr Kråbøl has decided to… Continue Reading →

Ormskrik – S/T (Fysisk Format)

Far from just being an anagram of a market town in Lancashire famous for gingerbread, Ormskrik from Norway promise a “fusion of Bay Area thrash, Norwegian black metal and Swedish death metal”. The whirlwind gets going, there is a piercing… Continue Reading →

Shaman Elephant – Wide Awake But Still Asleep (Karisma Records)

May 2020 has been quite a progressively influenced month for me on Ave Noctum. It all started with the unique melancholic progressive flavourings of Green Carnation, Thoughts Factory were next with traditional Progressive Metal, Horisont came at it next, chucking… Continue Reading →

Acârash – Descend to Purity (Dark Essence Records)

By pure coincidence, on the day I was given this album for review, I was wearing an Acârash shirt so it’s fair to say that I had been impressed by their debut album and a storming previous live encounter. So,… Continue Reading →

Deathbarrel – Rebuke Revoke (Soulseller Records)

Who doesn’t like a bit of country music, or at least a bit of Johnny Cash? I like Johnny Cash a lot, especially his lyrics and his poetry (yes, he wrote poetry, too). That’s why I was not put off… Continue Reading →

Souls of Tide – Black Magic (Mighty Music)

Firstly, you must give props, platitudes and other hyperbolic praise for ANY band that decides to name their album ‘Black Magic’. It is so on the nose for anything even vaguely smelling of rock in any shape, way of form,… Continue Reading →

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