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Formicarius – Rending The Veil Of Flesh (Schwarzdorn)

Billed as “the new nobility of British black metal”, Formicarius appear to be suffering an identity crisis. Rising from the ashes of proggy fantasists Phyrexia in 2014, their debut album “Black Mass Ritual” gained the band attention with its symphonic… Continue Reading →

Children Of Bodom – Hexed (Nuclear Blast)

It’s been 3 years since the release of ‘I Worship Chaos’, the first CoB album I heard, and admit to still being remiss about going back to listen to their first 8 albums. But then it doesn’t appear that they… Continue Reading →

Wintersun – The Forest Seasons (Nuclear Blast)

Genre defying Metallers Wintersun are not a band to be rushed. With a gap of 8 years between their first and second albums, it’s with a hint of ironic surprise at the veritable speed of this their third album being… Continue Reading →

Voice of Ruin – Purge and Purify (Tenacity Music)

Start off by screaming “Disgust” and go belting off with some punchy thrash-groove metal, and you’ve got an idea of this. It’s got all the growly bits and aggression but thanks to the melody and fluidity it’s quite jolly actually…. Continue Reading →

Interview – Ensiferum

Having reviewed their latest album ‘One Man Army,’ I jumped at the chance of shooting some questions toward one of Ensiferum’s band members. Since liking Norther back in the day I thought it was only right to pick vocalist Petri… Continue Reading →

Children Of Bodom – Halo Of Blood (Nuclear Blast)

It’s uncanny. There seems to be SO many people who when asked about Children Of Bodom admit to liking their first 3, maybe they might include “Hate Crew Deathroll” too, but just about everyone I speak to in the Metal… Continue Reading →

Interview – Mors Principium Est

Mors Principium Est from Finland have just released their fourth album “….And Death Said Live”. To ask about the new album and the direction the technically-inspired melodic death/thrash metal band is taking, Andrew Doherty interviewed vocalist Ville Viljanen. AN: Hi… Continue Reading →

Mors Principium Est – … And Death Said Live (AFM)

It was in early 2003 that I saw Mors Principium Est’s “Inhumanity” album advertised in a magazine. I can’t remember the exact description but no doubt melodic death metal from Finland came into it. As an enthusiast for Finnish metal… Continue Reading →

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